Monday, August 8, 2011


(How about this for practice? Bring your mechanic and a few extra bikes so you can practice bike hand-offs along with dismounts. Oh yeah, and about a mile of running too.)

For those of you that want to start brushing up their 'cross skillz early this year, we're planning on a little practice and clinic,  just like last year, at the usual spot RSP location, though I would like ride from the back (North) parking lot in RSP to some nearby destinations, with some additional, and more challenging features. I think 5:30 would be a decent start time, but come whenever you can, we'll be practicing for sometime (which means until we're tired and need beer.)

The first practice session should be a congenial affair. My suggestion is to go through the basics of the mount and dismount.

Also after practicing some mounting and dismounting we'll also be practicing setting up the barriers after we knock them to pieces.

The idea of all this is to perfect - or at least start on the road to perfection - of mounting and dismounting, so you'll look more like this ...

And not like this ...

Or this, from a not to-long-ago Tailwind race ...

And if you wondering if we were going to practice "bunny-hopping" barriers. The answer is an emphatic "NO" for the reason seen below.


  1. Looks like we'll have few people tonight. We'll set up a few barriers, a few turns. Should be good to go at about 5:30 ... see ya.

  2. Spoiler alert. If it rains no-go. I'll post on FB if that happens.

  3. Surly, are you going to have a regularly scheduled day and time for cross practice?

  4. Poor Wells...that had to hurt! If you watch that video, then click on the next one that comes up, it's fo the USGP in Louisville shown the quick descent into a hair pin 180. About 6 seconds in you see Tom Burke in his black/red/white argyle kit.

    Also, yours truely is at the bottom of the hill. I'm watching the corner to see any carnage that happens. You can see part of my bike behind the tree. Then, when the guy flips over the barrier I come over to help out.

    Just taking in the carnage and lending a hand...that's how this bastard rolls :-)

  5. It may not be Tom Burke...the numbers on the riders don't seem to match up to the Pro's race. I didn't remember seeing another argyle kit that day though.