Friday, August 12, 2011


 (Can you spot the really fast guy that pulled us at outlandish (for dirt roads) speeds last night?)

Great night for a ride last night - it cooled off a little bit, no traffic, and a good bunch of Bastards, made it a nice one. Sorry the Werdy couldn't make it as he was stuck in a car on his way back from some foreign country called "Indiana." Guess that's where Indians are from. Anyway he was stuck in a car, or being frisked for something at the border crosser or something. We missed you Werdy!

(New guy - well he's been out before, but he's new to me - Brian, on the right, holding up my bike (#4) using his water bottle as a holding device - like what do you think is on that seat Brian? Also on the ride last night - Big Mac and Slayer. In their own private Idaho, but in the photo are Amy Haney and sister Connie. This is one of the few photos where Connie is paying attention. CONNIE!)

While there may have been only four of us (if you're looking at the photo you are thinking I can't count, right) it was a brisk little ride and had us rocking right along, thanks to this guy:

(Our version of Jens V. Only on gravel. Only in Michigan. Only in our nightmares: Slayer!)

Jeff Haney hauled our lame asses around like we were hooked to a turbo prop. In deep gravel I looked down and saw 28 on the clock (whoowhooo). On a little pavement I was looking at 32 (whooooowhoooo!). On fat tires, cross bikes and 46 x 12 gear, that's just wrong. But it was nice getting a little motorpacing in, without that nasty motorcycle exhaust. Thanks Slayer!

(This little fucker got his last night!)

While speeds at time were high, it wasn't a take-no-prisoners ride. We stuck together, rolled and bullshitted each other when the mood hit - and then cranked some intervals when we felt like it. Probably the only one that didn't care for the ride is pictured above. Yeah, you know him as the Killer Chihuahua of 13 Mile. He chased Slayer for about a mile and then suddenly blew up, untouched, yipping his sorry ass home.  While we hate him, we hope he didn't seriously injure himself. I want the pleasure of running over him myself.

(Where's Waldo? He's in here. Fat, old, and geezerly. Yeah it the 2011 me.)

Slayer wanted a photo of me (target practice) so here it is. He took a close- but it came out as 'REJECTED' - no kidding!

(In this shot you'll notice that Connie is not paying attention and that I'm falling asleep.)

Anywhoooooooooowhooooo! That was some fast, fun riding. Also: Be cautious when tearing down hills to the North - a few of the roads have some really deep sand and gravel on them right now.

Have a good weekend all you Bastards!

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