Wednesday, August 3, 2011


(I'm waiting for you Crazy Bastards! See you tomorrow ... grrrrrrr!)

Sorry I'm behind on post, but I'm catching my wind before the pre-pre-pre-cross season really gets underway. For starters I'm thinking that I'm going to hit the dirt roads tomorrow for a little Bastard riding, rolling at 6, out of Townsend. I'm planning on heading north, where our dear little friend, pictured above, will be waiting. For those of you who were there before recall that he was "like on crack" or something and came at us full bore. Well, we'll see.

We've been getting requests to get the cross practicing stuff going, so it looks like we'll be doing a little on-and-off-on-and-off practice next Tuesday.

Here's some training we won't be doing: Bunny Hopping. Though I do like the Dork-Barriers this proper  Englishman has made, it's just not going to happen although I do like the idea of putting hinges on the barriers. That solves all sorts of problems. Like dismounting and remounting. Check this one out:

For the first practice I've taken the liberty of robbing the Crazy Bastard Treasury (didn't know there was one? Well there isn't now! Well now we've got to raise the Bastard Debt Ceiling) and hired the World Famous Heidi of the Barriers to lead us through our first work-outs of the season. Here's just a taste of what Heidi has to offer. The girl has some mad cross skilz, ladies and gentlemen.

So get out the bikes, dust off last year's Versluis Mud, and lets get rolling. See you tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday.


  1. can't wait, have been gettin the itch... but that itch may have come from hanging out with too many tri people... not sure

  2. Looks like we have a few people out to ride tonight. Possibly the Ethiopian Bastard. We'll regroup after the ride at the Score. There's another ride of like-minded, (and I don't want to tell you what I mean by that) Bastards having an apres ride beer there, as well. Time to start planning season festivities.

  3. I'm in for a spin...


  4. Guys can't believe it but I can't make it tonight. A little family emergency but everything is okay.