Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The SS Crosser. Simple, yet elegant. It's the little black dress of bicycles.

Just a reminder that tonight is Single Speed Tuesday. While we've called it SS Tuesday, you don't necessarily need to have a Single Speed to ride tonight, so bring whatever, mountain bikes, cross bikes, unicycles, tandems. Anyway we'll roll at 6 - though we may have to wait for Craig - wait he said he can't bring any beer tonight - so we'll be rolling promptly at 6.

Flying Bats in happier times before he knew he might be late tonight. Should we wait? He's rocking a 43 x 16 which means he will be faster than us. Plus he won't have time to bring beer. What do you think?
So choose your weapon for tonight. Ed Crickle says he's brining this thing (below). That Crickle is such a hoot, he really is.

Another choice whip in SS technology, or non-technology: The SS Mountain Bike. I don't know but the 32 x 20 might be a tad slow. But it looks good all covered in dirt, no?

Experimental single speeds are also cool. More to talk about in the parking lot.

The sand is beaten down, so I think you can leave this one home.

The Sperm Bike it always a good bet. This is what I've be racing at the Wednesday Night Practice races if I should go.

Maybe something that has way more wheels and seats than it does gears. Russ could pulls us. Yeah, he's a tough guy.

A tandem would be nice. Just heard via something called Facebot or something that we are going to have a tandem. Hadn't figured on that in the course plotting. Uh-oh.

A  two piece suit with a single speed is always nice.

Or really get minimalist with no gears at all. This happens to be Mr. Kim Lee practicing for tonight's ride. This is how he rocked the TT last night.

Here' a true single speed. Not even a chain. Don't laugh a guy raced one of these again a NYC bus and won!

With the right tire choice even the standard hipster fixie would work.

Of course too much single speeding and fixie hipsterism and this is what happens. So we're only doing this on Tuesday.
See ya


  1. I can't find my hipster jeans or Converse so I won't be able to make it out for the inaugural CB SS Tuesday ride.

    Have fun!


  2. Ah come on Cupcake! You gotta come. You can use the MTB SS. That has a top speed of something like 9 mph so it shouldn't ... yeah that would suck. Just ride your regular bike and don't shift (alot).

  3. Have just completed changing gears (both of them!) for road riding as opposed to park and single track riding. I'm used one of Haney's left-over 55 front rings with an 11 cog in the back. I'm went Fixie too. Think that's a good idea? Should be in the lead for the first 200 yards, or as long as it takes to wind it up, and then blow up.