Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night was the first cyclocross practice of the season and I'm happy to say it turned out to be one great big piece of awesomeness. We had 7 or 8 Bastards (mostly Bastardettes) out for some practice over the barriers, and through the woods. Jeff aka Werdy and daughter Lydia were our course designers. Everybody loved the course, fast, furious and fun! Thanks guys. Also cross crazy Kim Thomas, Fusion Team leader Terry (he's the next cross nut), Heather, Killer Kubiak, Cupcake, Sarah and Big Mac, and myself.

 (Special thanks to the Festians for putting together a rocking practice course.)

(The 'cross star of the future: Lydia Festian. Strangely she wasn't very werdy. She just worked at putting together a sweet course. Well done Lydia!)

It seems women are all over 'cross this year - by the looks of last night's showing - and are working on their 'cross skills early to get a jump on the pack. Women who might think they'd like to try cross should consider this their year. I'm guessing their will be big fields in all of the women's categories this year.

 (Sarah McIntyre out on her new whip get her 'cross on early.)

Speaking of women, Sarah Mac was out on her new cross bike taking on the barriers, and switching her skill sets from the triathlon ranks, to the 'cross world. Nice riding and hopping last night Sarah.

(Sarah brought her husband, Big Mac - those would be Sarah's tubulars on his bike.)

Big Mac was also on hand "walking" over the barriers. Check back here over the next week about next week's practice - we may have a special road trip in store. Stay tuned!

(Check out this clinic as well as the entire Tailwind series.)

Check this flyer out - it's the upcoming Tailwind Clinic and Practice Race. I've done a couple of these and have learned something new each time. Anne Swartz and Mike Wissnick, and some other elite racers, conduct the clinic and I can tell you they know their stuff. If you want to get an edge this year, this is something that's worth the trip. Waterford isn't that far. I'll post something before this happens and maybe we can get together to take a few people over. There were plenty of Bastards there last year - just ask them if it was worth it.


  1. of course, once again, a CX event on the same weekend as Reeds Lake Tri... well, i havn't put in my entry $$ yet