Monday, August 29, 2011


Just a reminder that tomorrow will be Single Speed Tuesday on the ride, if anybody cares to join in. I'm might just bring my SS so I've got an excuse to bail-out if everybody brings carbon fiber race bikes ... and I see syringes laying all over the ground ...

Post up, all you single-speeders, and let me know if this day and concept (ONE GEAR ONE DARK LORD) works for you.

While Single Speed maybe awesome, I have special plans for this week's practice, at a new location.
For those of you that want a refresher on mounting on dismounting, you'll be able to get some.

If you need a reminder on some, but not many, of the elements include in the remount, here's a video from Cyclocross Magazine. There's nothing like a cute, elfish cyclocross online editor giving you the intro. I believe this is the girl with the COWBELL TATTOO.

And while practicing mounts and remounts is awesome, run-ups are sometimes more awful than awesome, but something that needs some practice too. I've found the perfect spot for Wednesday, so stay tuned. The terrain we'll be using will be exactly like this, except for the snow. But then again, it's Michigan, so you never know.

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