Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I can't decide if we should have a practice tonight, or a dirt ride out of Townsend @6. Anybody have a preference? I know some people, like Big Mac are planning their entire lives around Crazy Bastard activities, which is kind of scary. I believe there's a medication you can take for that Mac. So let me know. We could take barriers out to Townsend and do a little of both tonight. Vote in the comments column below.

Following is a photo gallery of why you need to practicing get on and off your bike. (As if you can't remember!) This is me in action, and by action I mean this is real time video of me going over barriers and up stairs. Yeah, I'm moving so slow you can't even see me move. Pathetic. 

(Barriers - now which foot goes first?)

 (Logs. Who the f*&@ put these things here?)

 (Hell I'll just get back on - wait what's that up ahead?)

 (Stairs? What up here? Goes that's a nice drop-off.)

(Now here's a real reason to get off your bike and run. The Ethiopian Bastard showing us how to chug through the goo. That suit used to be white - Hup Blanco I believe.)

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  1. Your call coach, I'm good either way. 

    Comment: The last time I seen Big Mac, he looked more like a chicken nugget, he's half the man he used to be, mean and lean. And based on his post yesterday, I think he has been dipping into the Crazy Bastard Sauce a bit too much.....