Friday, August 26, 2011


Let's review the week and all that we learned, shall we?

Well moving to the most immediate past,  here's the report on last night's ride: it was simply 35 miles of awesomeness with a flat and a couple of mechanicals thrown in so you didn't think you'd died and gone to heaven. Conditions were much better after rain had rolled down the deep sand and made the riding easier, and faster. Good group with Jurriein D providing some sweet pulls, Chris V, Kim Lee, Russ (riding his SS) Adam Mac, Sarah Mac, Jeff Haney, Amy Haney, Jeff Z, Craig R, Scott W, Connie and the Tijuana Bastard Dog aka the Killer Chihuahua.

After one of the best sprints I have ever seen last night - chasing down a flying Scott W - the Killer Chihuahua is congratulated by TdF winner Cadel Evens.

It was a fast pace, and I almost thought about rolling off and seeing what 17 MPH looked like on the odometer for a while but was bribed (like who would want to do that?) into rejoining the ride with exotic beers and deep fried asian carp. Glad I did. Absolutely perfect night for a ride.

Now here's another video report from Tuesday night's ride, as captured by Big Mac. The beautiful way in which Big Mac retells history in his own cinematic, and more-interesting-way than it really was makes me think that he's something like the next Oliver Stone. Wait, that's not a compliment, is it? Okay George Lucas.

Here's Tuesday's ride in a "Nut" shell, for sure:

Thanks Big Mac for another delicious Crazy Bastard based video. Nice work!

Now onto the practice. One of the best practices of the year, not so much time was spent and "hammer time" and more was spent on "skillzzzzz."

I'm with awesome. That's what we'd all like to think Sarah. Sarah McIntyre was out for another practice, showing off here skillz and fancy socks.

Nice retro look Sarah.

Another handsome devil, Shawn Davison came out to hop some barriers and turn some corners.

Sarah being chased down by the relentless Kim Thomas, just back from 'cross camp.

Cupcake, being chased down by Shawn D. A long week of riding and racing for the Cupcake. Here's she's pondering the correct entrance to the hairpin and what she'll be drinking after the Ladies Ride on Thursday.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jeff H, Slayer showing how it's done at full speed. You'll notice even though he's going through the tightest and slowest turn on the course that the background action is blurred. Yeah, he's flying. The cap of the night, after a brief rain showers, was a match race between Haney and Big Mac. I'll post the results of that race next week. Have a fun week of riding. We're planning on riding on Tuesday. Maybe we also better include a little barrier practice at Townsend since the following day is a training race and I don't want to lose anybody to barrier "impact" at the beginning of the season. If you don't think it can happend, check with this guy:

Jeff Z's advice for participating in first-timer prepped course: make sure they pound down the rebar. Hey that's why we practice on plastic kids.

Also one last piece of business. In an effort to give everyone a truly ridiculous nickname, we've started researching a name for one of our newest members. As he seems to always be "dancing on his pedals" and itching for a sprint, even 5 miles from the nearest stop ahead since, we thought of things like Dan The Dancing Bear, and Dan, Dan the Dancing Machine. If you don't remember Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine, here's at taste:

No in researching the name "Dancing Bear" I was horrified to learn that the "Dancing Bear" is some kind of male stripper. If you'd like to see this kind of Dancing Bear, click on Dancing Bear, but let me warn you, this is NSFW. DANCING BEAR VIDEO HERE.

Now here's a better Dancing Bear, and I think that I like the sound of Dancing Bear. But put in your two cents. Now enjoy a Dancing Bear that's safe for any environment.


  1. are you refering to the 42-85 practices? They start the 7th. Or is there a different 'race' wednesday.

  2. You're right. We're practicing wednesday. My mistake. Must be alltgose performance enhancing drugs.