Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Go, Nys, Go! Yeah you race, I'll sit on the big fluffy couch, watch the big fat flat screen and eat these delicious donuts.

To bad you couldn't have been there for the World Championship Cyclocross Party at Big Mac's Secret Cyclocross headquarters this past weekend. It was like a Super Bowl party at the Cake Boss's house, with more Belgium Waffles than cake, of course. Big Mac made these lovely Nys-themed donuts just for me. Unfortunately it looked like Nys had eaten the rest of the dozen in the pack before the race on Sunday. He (Nys) says that he's not doing another World Championship, which I hope - as I'm sure Bruce Fina and the entire city of Louisville, hope isn't true. Just lay off the donuts, Sven, you'll be fine.

You know you're in the right place when you see Cyclocross artwork on the nice furniture, and not in the garage. 

Anyway it was a great party - you were invited, so don't bitch about not being there. You were probably out riding on some slushy road or digging out your driveway after the snowstorm (and it's melting already!) on Sunday.


For those of you that watched the races on Sunday, and have picked up on the results through various news outlets (excluding all mainstream sports media in the United States) you know that the Women's Championship was dominated once again by Marianne Vos, who has now racked up Five World Championships in Cyclcross, as well as WC's in Road Racing, Time Trial, Mountain Biking (?), and probably Downhill Racing and BMX Racing for all I know. If it has two wheels and a crank on it, she can ride the hell out of it. Hell, she's probably playing Bike Polo in a parking garage right now.

She such a star in cycling, and especially in Cyclocross that she's transcended the tradition rainbow jersey - and was literally "crowned". This painting was quickly brushed up during the World Championship presentation - I'd say she's now a Cycling Goddess, don't you think?
Marianne Vos was crowned Queen of Cyclocross by winning her 5th World Championship on Sunday. Thank God for embrocation, or she would have been pretty cold up on the podium with this outfit on - that's quite a chain ring, isn't it?

Here's a video of the women's highlights. One of the best highlights was Helen Wyman Superman'ing, over her bars, downhill in the sand. In this case though, I guess it should be Superwoman'ing. What you don't get in this highlight is how far Katie Compton came back to get into the lead by the end. She went from last to 2nd at one point - but the effort was too much. The other great ride was by Cant, who could, and rode one of the best tactical races ever.

Another thing you didn't see in the video were the shoes that Vos was wearing in her Championship run. How she could pedal in these things? And so fast! It's mind blowing, really. Not to mention hot, in a very sleazy-stripper kind of way. I think I saw Brian Matter wearing these in a Halloween Cyclocross race once ...

I wonder how Vos ran through all that sand wearing these things?

Speaking of fashion, did you see the red leg warmers that Pauwels was rocking on Sunday? Tati Cycles posted up the photo below just after the race. The thought is that Pauwels is into the Euro fashion scene. What do you think?

Red shoes, red-leggings. It's the latest thing in Berlin fashion - and in the sand of Koksijde, I guess.

This highlight video shows you what the scene was really like in Koksijde on Sunday - the beer and weirdness was flowing. It was estimated the 61,000 fans were on course! Think it's going to be anything like this in Louisville next year? We can only hope. 

Make sure you watch the above video - what a freakin' course. Here are some stats from the race, that are really Behind the Barriers:

40,000 fans expected (61,000 showed!)
30000 liters of beer

215 toilets
8 big screens 
10km of fencing
1500 volunteers
 2 million euro costs


I was so enthralled with this year's World Championship, that I just had to get out and ride a cross bike as soon as possible. With a fresh batch of snow in the park, I could get all 'Albert' on that shit with the "A" bike fitted up with snow-specific file treads that I meant to run in Chicago on News Years, but had the snow melt from under me and never had a chance to check them out.

Beautiful night for a ride. Good snow. Good bike. Good fun.

Tubular file treads. I've never ridden anything better in snow - deep and otherwise. 

My only disappointment after my snow ride is that there's now Snow Cross this year. Boo-hoo. Maybe we can put together a little race - if we can get the snow to stay for more than 2-days. Ya think?

Single Speed on the bridge at sunset. Looks like I could use some deep dish wheels. Hell no ...

I also took out the SS for a romp in the snow. While it handled nicely, and was fitted with clincher file treads, it had nowhere near the handling or traction of the tubulars.


I am definitely riding tonight since social obligations have me out of the saddle on Thursday night. I may even rock a fender tonight (if I can find one!) because it looks so damn sloppy. Oh, and if you're coming tonight, bring earplugs, I still have fixed my bottom bracket. Creak-creak-creak, you know the drill.

I'm also, like a lot of you in the upgrade-your-ride-for-next-year mode. So far I have re-cabled the bikes about 15 times and have considered a number of new components to improve my performance (hey fatso just lose weight and train!). While the rear derailleur below may be heavy, it is expensive. Just what you want on a 'cross bike, right? If I can get a loan for about $10 Grand I can get one for the pit bike, too.

Monday, January 30, 2012

World Championship Highlights, Waffles and the Sh*t Cyclocrossers Say

Quick video with highlights of the World Championship, if you didn't see it. Great race, brutal course Brit announcer, a little strange, but at least it's not Dutch, Flemish, whatever, though I do associate the sound of their commentary with cross. Niels Albert slays it, Ryan Trebon has a great ride for the USA, and German and a French dude (I think he was French) try to punch each other out on course  and I win the Ithaca Grand Prix "Pick the Mens and Womens" winner contest and put on about 5 pounds eating Belgium Waffles during the race. More later!

Also, this just in from In The Cross Hairs: The Shit Cyclocrossers Say. Very appropriate for this past weekend.

Shit Cyclocrossers Say from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Friday, January 27, 2012


A girl and her bike preparing to ride last night. And no socks, again. Little did she know she wouldn't need socks.  Elbow guards, kneed pads and hips pads and a face mask would have been a better choice. And it wouldn't be for fighting the boys off in the bar, either.

First, my apologies for a poor choice in routing last night. In an attempt to get by the icier sections before a freeze (temps were good) I lead the group (actually I trailed waiting to see what would happen up front) into a death trap, or at least an ice trap. One section of 3 mile was nothing but glare ice from ditch to ditch and several Bastards hit the deck, I'm sorry to say. The remainder of the ride was mostly a road ride with a short section of 7 mile thrown in to get back to the parking lot without further incident. If I had it to do over again I would have ridden from my car directly to the bar and ordered a Guiness. Or two. I'm glad no one was hurt, and we all made it back one piece. I did note in this icy conditions the group was riding too close together, for me, anyway. If you recall years ago we had a system for classifying falls which started with a SPUD which was a simple single rider planting himself or herself, a SPARE when one  sliding rider takes out one other (this could also be a SPLIT) and finally what I thought was going to happen last night, as seen in the following video ...

The weather is very nice today and I'm thinking if I can get out of work early enough I might try my hand at another ride(sans those sucky-ass studs I rode last night). Let me know if any of you feel like venturing out early.


Adam McIntyre has been keeping up on the progress of the Koksijde course and has been posting a number of "views." This one is probably the best - you're riding along with Christian Huele. What do you think this thing is going to be like filled fence to fence with raging cyclocross racers from around the world. As you watch it, think of how much of this you could ride before your legs or your lungs collapsed.

I'm hoping to have so old videos of this race when it was the World Championship course back in 1994. I'll try and post those later today.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Many years ago I covered an ICE RACE for a local magazine. The ICE RACE involved cars and motorcycles on a northern, frozen lake. I think I was the one who actually coined the phrase, "ICE RACING IS SLICK, BE THEREEEEEEE!™" My only other ice racing experience was the ICE RACE ON REEDS LAKE that was once a part of the late season KISSCROSS Series, also many years ago. While some of the contestants in that race employed homemade ice tires, spiked with 100's of wood screws (what a sound those made on the ice!) I opted for a standard cycle tire run nearly flat. My percentage of falls was just about as good as anyone else's that day.

Ice riding is slick! Be there!

From recent comments it seems like it getting to be that a man isn't judged anymore by his VO2 max or mad skilz with a bike, but by the length of his studs on his tires. While many have gone down the studded-tires -and-fender road, I have resisted, for the most part, for the main reason is that I find (imho) studded tires take away about 80% of everything that's fun about riding a bike. What fenders do, no man can say. (Thank you Orson Welles for that last line - I've always wanted to use it.

Here's what I'll be riding tonight. No studs required! Impossible to tip over no matter what the surface or riding conditions.

So at this moment I'm planning on riding tonight. While I may try to mount up some studded tires before the ride, I'm thinking that riding conditions will probably not be that bad and will just plan on a route that avoids traditional slick spots. If that fails I will be taking the Goldstein Advantage!


In other news I'm happy to report a team of which I am a member continues to lead the world in cycling fashion wear - and that it looks like we're challenging the Rapha team (see yesterday's Behind the Barriers video) for coolest shit that you can rock maybe-but-not-really on the bike.

Resplendent in new team gear for winter. Now I just need some ear-flaps, or wider wings on the logo, to hold those damn ears down!

 The jacket is rocking style, as well as some neat zippers. If I ever wore this on a bike you bet I'd be rockin' fenders.


One last parting shot, and today's video. Here's a short clip of Nys racing on the same course that will be the venue for this weekend's World Championship - Koksijde. While it may not be ice, the sand is something else, and nobody can ride a bike on sand, or ice, like Sven Nys. Check it out ...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Filthy Europeans, Women's Wednesday, Behind the Barriers and Going for Gold

Before we get on with today's report and various blatherings, I like to say how very surprised to see that Cyclocross Magazine suddenly has a "Women's Wednesday" feature on its website, today, which looks suspiciously like my Ladies Women's Cylcocross Day at The Crazy Bastard Corral that I posted only yesterday!

"Women's Wednesday" on the Cyclocross Magazine website is now featuring Katrina Nash, one of the only women cyclocross stars in the world I didn't cover yesterday in Ladies Women's Cylcocross Day at The Crazy Bastard Corral. Coincidence, or is it a coincidence? I wonder ...


More Stoemper  video from Europe feature the Ben Berdeen guy. Nice stuff, rocking once again. I can't decide which I like better the sweet cross racing portions of the video or the filthy old men standing around watching. Secretly I want to be one of them. Don't you?


Behind THE Barriers Season II Episode 15 from Behind The Barriers on Vimeo.

Far from the filthy Europeans (where I want to stay) we now jump back across the pond to week 15 of Behind the Barriers with our fun-loving host Jeremy Powers. This was really fun for me to watch, having been at the race, and raced on that same course, and climbed that same hill, and talked with Paul Curley, and spent the night drinking in the hotel's Cave Bar with that crazy-ass dude with the spray on embrocation & tan,  Anthony Clark, so it was all a trip down memory lane, for me.


While I did not choose to ride last night reports have come back to headquarters that there were a few Bastards out riding and that except for one slip and fall, and a flat, it was pretty uneventful, and probably some fun. Looks like Big Kahuna, Steve B, Redline Bastard and Tony made the rounds. While I'm planning on riding on Thursday the thought of a "Slip and Fall" is still in the back of my mind - and the fact that if I do "Slip and Fall" I won't be able to "Call Sam" and sue somebody since I am the only responsible party. I guess I could get sue myself. While I am a studded-tire denier (I'm a denier or in denial over a lot of things so this should be no surprise) I wouldn't mind rocking one of these things - the Dugast Diavolo, pictured below.

The Dugast Diavolo - the ultimate Ice Tire. I'd own a set except they're like $500 a set, or something almost as absurd.

The Diavolo is so exclusive only one man has ever ridden them, and then only on an ice rink. If he rolled them on ordinary ground he would puncture the earth's surface and all the (earth) stuffing would come out and it would collapse the planet the same way Betty or Zeus ruins and collapses stuffed animals.

The Dugast Diavolo could tear the fabric of the earth's surface and let out all the essential juices and gases that are inside the same way Zeus pulls the stuffing out of his toys. There should a warning on the sidewall to that effect.

For those of you who have forgotten how the Diavolo rolls, when ridden by a guy who could ride bare rims on ice without falling down, here's the video of how well those suckers grip.

If I can't get proper gripping tires for Thursday I may just have to resort to the last resort. Yup. I'm not just going to Call Sam! I'm going to go one better. I'm going to go for the GOLD and get the Goldstein Advantage! Slip and Fall, here I come!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day at the Crazy Bastards Cross Corral, so sit down and grab a cup of joe or a lo-cal-skim-milk-latte-machiatto and enjoy these great videos dedicated to Women's Cyclocross - as well as the Koksijde race venue that's returning this week to decide the World Championships.
The first video in the bunch is the absolute latest in Women's World Cup racing from Hoogerheeeeidie just this past weekend - it's not a great race video, but it's got pretty good music - and the awards ceremony is funny if you catch some of the announcer's bullshit. Vos ran away with this one, Katie had some crashes and ended up 4th.
The next video up is another one of those great Petitesreines' videos. This was this year's Women' 2011 World Cup held at Koksijde, site of this year's World Championship. Daphney VB won it while the now, almost unbeatable, Vos came in second. Katie came in 3rd after a very bad start - which unfortunately has been her thing this year. You'll also see some shots of Katie Antonneau, the young, very talented woman that took second in the USA Nationals, just a few weeks ago. And check out the sand boys and girls! This is going to be one tough race this weekend.

The next video is another Petitesreines' video of another World Cup held at Koksijde, this one was in 2010. In 2010 Katie owned the Women's World Cup, only to drop the last race (World Championship) at the end of the season. Let's hope she regains her power riding this weekend, like she showed the world here, and takes home the Gold! I can't even remember who came in 2nd and 3rd Katie was so far ahead. There's even more sand in this one. Looks like an absolute leg-breaking freakin' race. I'd be running - errr - walking this one.

This Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day Video was posted by Jodi Cohen-Babcock via Meredith Miller. It's essentially a commercial for Zipp wheels, but since I like Women Cyclocrossers, and have nothing against Zipp wheels, other than that they're so expensive I don't own any, I put it up here for you to enjoy. I thought it was especially appropriate on Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day. It features Meredith Miller, Katie Antonneau again, and the lovely Nicole Duke. Look for  Katie Antonneau and Nicole Duke at Koksijde this weekend, along with KfC.

Finally, here's one last video to complete Ladies Women's Cyclocross Day here at Crazy Bastard Cross Central. (Whatever that is.) It's a highlight reel of the US National Race. Nice music, Katie running away with it and a good chase by young Katie A and Nicole D. Enjoy. 
Watch more video of USA Cyclocross National Championships 2012 on cyclingdirt.org

Looking for a ride report - thinking about riding tonight, but wondering about ice in the great out-beyond? Who's in? Ladies Women are always welcome.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Thanks to fellow Bastard Patrick Drueke for starting my day off with this sweet little gem, and a good laugh. Maybe you've seen it - but have you seen it all the way to the end? Sure there are a bunch of carbon jokes, tour jokes, weight jokes, diet jokes, and more carbon jokes, but the end is the clincher - or tubular, that I know we've all said, and heard. Thanks Patrick!

For the rest of the week we'll be running up to the World Championships this weekend. I've been stashing videos and news items for a month, so stay-tuned for more than you ever wanted to know about Koksjide.

Before we start rolling Koksijde videos this week here's a quick peek at the general Koksijde tourist's brochure for this seaside resort.

Okay, here's a map. I think Koksijde is in Belgium, though that could change by the time you read this. It doesn't matter really. It could be in the Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, France, Flanderia, same chocolate, same cyclcross announcer. And those guys are the best by the way, even if you can't understand them.

If you're not racing the class Koksijde "Dune Race" you're out on the beach. Maybe with a horse and some big baskets. I'm thinking they're full of Belgium Beer. In Belgium (or wherever this really is) even the horses drink beer. That's why the big baskets.

Or you can take the family out for a stroll on the Koksijde beach in the winter, with the ice cold North Atlantic/English Channel breeze blowing up their asses. Sounds like fun? Here's what you'll probably hear:

Belgy Kids: "Hey dad, like this is the suckiest vacation ever. I mean there's no one here and I can't feel my fingers or toes."

Belgy Dad: "But we live in Belgium (or Netherlands, Holland, Flanderia) and it doesn't get any better than this. Want to go watch some World Championship Cyclocross? At least it will be fun to watch somebody that looks warm."

Belgy Mom: "Beat you to it. I just did Pauwels, Nys, Stybar and Wellens in one of team motor homes, and I'm so hot I could die."

Everyone: "Bart's feeling better? That's great news! Maybe he'll race this weekend! Let's go!"

Nice to see that the brochure also includes a shot of the race. Hey about about a Sleeping Bear Dunes Cyclocross Race? Who's up for riding an entire hour in ankle-deep sugar sand? Better question is who's going to be up for riding in mud tomorrow?

Friday, January 20, 2012


Flying Bats Chin-Cicle gives you an indication of riding conditions last night. Extremely cold, but good riding. And yes, packed with Flahute Points, whatever they are.

Last night's ride was fun. Yeah, it was. Crunchy snow, good Bastard Fellowship™ (whatever that is), and just the right length an time so it wasn't too painful for the fingers and toes. Showing up (sorry I don't have photos of the participants) were: Craig R (aka Flying Bats) Steve K (Brooklyn Steve), Julie W (Julie Boonen, Tom Boonen's sister, and your still slightly frozen narrator, Surly Bastard. 

Waiting in the lot for the rest of the idiots, I mean my friends and fellow Bastards to arrive, this is was the Grandpa Van's temperature reading - it was sinking from here.

Here's what a sinking temperature looks like. It gets blurry because it's so cold. This is my last reading before exiting the Grandpa Van.

Preparing to ride in single-digit weather requires extreme measures. I sprayed up the drive-train; chain, cassette, front and rear derailluers with cheap auto de-icer and everything worked like a charm. The only thing I didn't use this in was my water bottle. And it was the only thing that froze. This is a little trick I learned from some experienced cyclocross racers this year.

While you can't see them too clearly in this bad photo, these are some of the most photographed ankles and feet in Crazy Bastard history. Yes, those are Julie Boonen's (Tom's sister) legs, ankles and feet. I'm glad to report that she wore WOOL SOCKS last night. 

Good thing she had those socks on, and good thing I laid on the De-Icer because this is what the temperature read at the end of the ride.


So over the years we've had this Crazy Bastard formula for accruing Flahute points. I think it was started by MC Hammer but it's been so long, I can't really remember. Anway, you earn Flahute points by applying the Crazy Bastard Flahute Formula™so mathematical show how bad-ass, or stupid your are. I'll show you how it works by using the temperature and distance we rode last night in the formula. It's pretty simple. It has to be. Because obviously we're stupid for riding in crap like this. 


First, take these basic pieces of information:

Miles Ridden: 18.5 

Temperature during/end of ride: 8 degrees Farenheit

Now subtract the degrees of temperature (if you ride in sub-zero temperatures see section 34-D). The difference, the miles you've ridden over the temperature, are your Crazy Bastard Flahute Points™.

So last night we earned:

10.5 Crazy Bastard Flahute Points

What these points are good for I'm not really sure. Do they indicate how tough you are? Do they indicated how stupid you are? I guess it just depends on who you run into at the bar after the ride.

One was impressed with our Flahute points last night, the other not so much so. Flahute point values are all in the mind of the beholder. And how many drinks they've had.

After leaving the bar last night, and still thawing after a couple of Guiness (Internal Human De-Icer) I hopped in the Grandpa Van and saw this staring me in the face as I headed home:

Yeah it was cold last night. I hope you covered the tomatoes before you went to bed.

Not long after seeing the -2 on the screen, I saw what I thought was the end of the world as drove out of the village of Cannonsburgler.


Holy crap, what's going on?

Was it a terrorist attack? Did they finally drop the bomb? No it was just snow-making at Cannonsburg Ski Area last night. You could see a giant, lighted cloud from miles away.

After being frightened by the snow-making, the cold in my body started to move to my head, even after ingesting Human De-Icer. Here's what that looked like.

Scary, huh.

This wasn't much better. Glad the deer were all home in bed.


At this point in the blog you may have had enough about "Flahuting" and want to bail out and start your weekend. I don't blame you, and if that's what you're doing, have a nice weekend and enjoy the great Michigan Winter weather - it's great for all sort of sporting adventure, thanks for reading today. For the rest of you, that apparently have no life here's what I learned about Flahute Points after returning from my harrowing ride home.

At some site called the Podium Cafe, I found some discussion about the original meaning of "Flahute." Here some of what they had to say.

“Bernard Hinault winning from 75km in a snowstorm in Liege. Flahute. Same goes for Hennie Kuiper in second that day (and first a lot of other days). Frankly, I'm tempted to wave all 21 finishers from that epic day onward, although Fons de Wolf presents a bit of a dilemma.”

If you want to read more of this stuff like this, go to the Podium Cafe, right here, and Flahute yourself to your little heart's content.

Flahute: The Official Hardass Cyclist GroupJoin

Want to really get down a Flahute dirty? There's even a Flahute Facebook Page where like minded Flahuters share there intimate Flahuting thoughts. So far I haven't found any porn on this site. So it's okay. Well kinda of okay. 

Basic Flahute Face Book Page Info
Flahute: The Official Hardass Cyclist Group
Dedicated to the cyclists who win races where 125 riders start and one finishes—that’s a Flahute.

Here's a list of riders that this group feels are "Flahute." Unfortunately I don't see any of our names here. At least not yet. After you're done looking through the list - adding your own ideas, and subtracting those you don't think should be there, and figuring out how to put your own name there, have a good weekend.

Magnus Backstedt
Alessandro Ballan
Franco Ballerini
Steve Bauer
Tom Boonen
Marcus Burghardt
Fabian Cancellara
Fred De Bruyne
Roger De Vlaeminck
Stijn Devolder
Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle
Juan Antonio Flecha
Felice Gimondi
Walter Godefroot
Frederic Guesdon
Vladimir Gusev
Roger Hammond
Bernard Hinault
George Hincapie
Leif Hoste
Thor Hushovd
Sean Kelly
Alexandr Kolobnev
Karsten Kroon
Hennie Kuiper
Eric Leman
Greg LeMond
Fiorenzo Magni
Marc Madiot
Eddy Merckx
Lars Michaelsen
Francesco Moser
Johan Museeuw
Nick Nuyens
Stuart O'Grady
Eddy Planckaert
Walter Planckaert
Fillippo Pozzato
Jan Raas
Dominique Rollin
Roger Rosiers
Briek Schotte
Rolf Sorenson
Andrea Tafi
Andrei Tchmil
Rik Van Looy
Peter Van Petegem
Rik Van Steenbergen 
Eric Vanderaerden
Frans Verbeeck
Stefan Wesemann

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Julie McGraw's photo of a 2011 Grattan B's sprint finish captures the spirit of this year's Tour Down Under sprint finishes, going on now.

Reading The Michigan Scene, yesterdy over a french press of nlack coffee and my morning Hookah filled with my special Blond Turkish blend, it looks like everybody, including Mr. T, is thinking about next season. So it seems we've officially moved from the end of the Season (cross), to the Preseason (road/mountain/goofy gravel road races) and we'll soon in Season (road/mountain) again in a matter of just a few weeks – and just a few months after that we'll be back to THE SEASON again (cross).

I really got excited thinking about the return of the road racing season when I saw a video of the sprint finish of the Tour Down Under a few days ago (now removed for some reason, possibly because it would hurt the sale of sponsoring Skoda cars, or overpriced carbon road bikes with electric shifting, I'm not sure which). After watching the tumbling carnage of flipping bikes and bodies it reminded me that I should be seeing my GRATTAN RACE SERIES flyer coming in the mail any day now. The reports from the opening stage of the TDU reminded me, in fact, of the first night of Grattan, every season. I've just replaced the "WorldTour" with "Wednesday Night Training Race" in the reports from the race earlier this week. See if it works for you as it did me:

"It was unbelievable." 
Van Hummel said the Wednesday Night Training Race status of the race had perhaps been a factor.
"It's the first Wednesday Night Training Racer so everybody's trying to score points, and everybody wants to show his level and we're all motivated, but that means people are taking risks," he added.
"Some people are trying for the sprint and they don't yet have the level for it."

Sound familiar? You bet it does. And how about this ...

"To have two team-mates causing a crash when they're not fighting against each other is just stupid.

"Under-eights (Cat 5 / Cat 6?) racing don't do that, it's just ridiculous. They're not riding with their eyes closed."

Well, maybe they are riding with their eyes closed. If you're sprinting, especially for cookies, you don't need to look, do you? Just put your head down and kick! Also, I'm wondering, after reading this report, just WTF a 70 year old woman was doing in there:

"Three riders, including Greipel's key Lotto-Belisol team-mate Jurgen Roelandts, and a 70-year-old woman were taken to hospital after a crash just under 1km from the finish."
What the hell, I thought is a 70 year old woman doing in a sprint finish with a bunch of world-class-knuckle-head pros? And then it hit me! That damn Julie Lockhart is still racing! Even after winning the USA Women's 70+ National Championship, and the Women's 65+ World Championship, in Louisville last week, she just can't stop!

Wells-Hamilton, Lockhart and Savary. ©Brian Nelson


Thought I'd throw in a couple of cross videos that flew under the radar earlier in the season. Sit back, fill up your tanker of coffee from your French Press, lit up your Blond Blend in your Hooka, and enjoy. 
The first video is that awesome scary-ass downhill sand race in Zonhoven. The first part of this video is the best. The second video is an early season race in Rooooooodervoooorde - it's not extremely technical, muddy, or crazy, but if you have the time watch it. It's features some of the smoothest and best riding you'll see on any kind of bicycle. At least watch it until the second "Whoops" section.  It will give you something to do while you're deciding on "weather" or not to ride tonight. Looks good so far. You think?
Watch more video of European Cyclocross 2011/ 2012 on cyclingdirt.org

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Did Big Mac shoot this beauty? Looks like one of his videos. Are they fast or what?

If you haven't seen this, this is the a first lap onboard camera of from Lieven, France this weekend, shot by Christian Huele. You can see J-Pow at the start, and throughout the video. You can also see Nys, Albert and others. I watched the race on cycling fan and it was fun put this together, with how race looked from the cameras around the course - no to mention the people!

Anyway I don't know if there will be people lined around our ride course tonight, but maybe they will be when they know you're coming!


This shouldn't be hard. Guess all three correctly, whether they are brothers, sisters, or brothers and sisters, in the comment box and win a Free Cyclocross Magazine Issue 15.

Cyclocross loving brothers separated At Birth or by the Atlantic: True or False

Sisters who don't wear socks: separated At Birth: True or False

Screaming Brothers separated At Birth: True or False

Brother and sister, hipsters separated At Birth: True or False

Commie brothers separated at birth or by a revolution: True or False

Mountainbike brothers separated at Birth: True or False


Deadly killer and slayer guys separated at birth: True or False.

The sprinkle sisters? Separated at birth or in the cosmetic department?


Young and Beautiful Cycling Wives: Separated at Birth or by a Restraining Order?


The Old Goat on the left ________. The Old Goat on the right ________.

Planning on riding tonight. Post up if you're coming or plan on being late (a little late, okay) we, as in I, plan on rolling at 6 from Townsend. See ya!