Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Check back later to see if practice is on tonight. If it rains, or the grass it too wet, it's a NO-GO. Right now, it's  GO! So get your barrier shoes on kids we've got some new riders and it looks we'll be doing some hopping on and off. I need some work on that too. We'll also discuss future practices, days and locations. BY THE FUCKING WAY: There's a difference between practice and learning some good 'cross technique and a training race to get your fitness level up. We'll continue to have practices on days to be named later to fit around most people's schedules, it it's worthwhile. If you don't know the difference between practice and racing there are extra bandages and neosporin in the Grandpa van

Happy Tuesday ride to you too, Cupcake!

Nice group and nice ride despite a little tire rubbing. Somebody even knocked down Mr. Kim Lee for no good reason. Don't know why, he's a nice guy. Well maybe not. You tell me.

Mr. Kim Lee in stop action photography. Yeah, it's like the National Geographic channel, isn't it?

See the difference? See how fast he did that? On that SS that's about as fast as he was, too. It was painful to watch. I don't know why he just doesn't shift gears. And that's MISTER KIM LEE to you pal!

Flying Bats (aka Craig R) just rolling around waiting for his pit crew to arrive with his new carbon CX bike. I hope they aren't drinking again.

The hint of something Belgique to come? You bet. Every night somebody brings an new and awesome cross bike to the ride.

Yeah that's the R you want. I think it stands for "'R'AWSOME!"

Not a great shot, but it's Adam Big Mac McIntyre's new Ridley. Fantastic!

An another "almost" shot of the elusive (I mean getting a shot of this guy is like trying to capture Big Foot on camera) Redline Bastard (aka Jazzy Jeff, aka Jeff Z).

What a crew. A couple of people loos like they are resting their knees. Yeah I like to rest my knees too. It feels good.

After a long punishing ride, here's what happens. Hipsterism in the parking lot. Rolled jeans. PBR in a long neck with the classic bottle neck hold. Horrible fucking attitude. Cupcake is apparently working on her 'cross image for 2011. She seems to be practicing for the Heckle Horn right now.

See you tonight at Practice. Maybe.

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