Tuesday, August 23, 2011


TUESDAY 08.22.11

(Look for the Happy Tuesday Sign. It's the mark of Crazy Bastard Riding Goodness.)

Just so you don't miss it, and end up at the Park tonight for practice this is a reminder that we're riding out of Townsend tonight instead. We'll practice tomorrow. Details to follow. Like tomorro.

We'll roll at 6 tonight, so be ready. There may be refreshments in the parking lot, as well. So be prepared. That would mean bringing a bottle opener so you can open the beer somebody else thoughtfully lugged out there. Thanks again Craig!

 The route I've planned goes by this sign (above) so you'll know you're on the Happy Tuesday Ride, and not on the Mildly Amused Thursday or It Doesn't Exist Wednesday Ride.

Join in the fun. Be ready to roll. If you see a crew that looks anything like this, you'll know it's Tuesday!

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