Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I haven't had a chance to upload photos from last night's ride - which was large enough to be noticed by one of the forums on the Cyclocross Magazine's website this morning - so I'll be adding a little report later on today. Work calls right now.

Here's just a reminder that we'll be having a little clinic to practice getting off and on the bike, and so on, tonight, starting somewhere between 5 and 5:30. Call or email for details about where we'll meet.

As the season is fast approaching I think it's always good to offer some instruction on the art of getting off and on without killing yourself - especially if this is your first season, or you have short term or memory loss and can't remember how since last year. I'm hoping we can start this season without anybody going to the hospital again. Cyclocross, for as crazy and tough a sport as it is, shouldn't necessarily be dangerous.

We'll hoping to even show you tonight - in your imagination - on how to approach an unrideable hill. This photo was taken of a nightmare I had the night before the Ann Arbor race which features a large hill that looks nothing like this one.

We'll even show you how to hug your bike after it's d kept you upright in a really slippery or tough race.

And of course we'll tell you, not show you, how to take on those local races that go that extra mile to go that extra mile you'd rather not go.

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