Friday, August 19, 2011


Fancy that - a beautiful new Fuji Cyclocross Bike! I think I'll borrow it. The keys are in it and I don't see the owner.

A beautiful night it was, for beautiful people and beautiful bikes. We had plenty of both - if you don't count me. New 'crosser Dan McGraw brought his brand new Fuji Carbon Cross (I think that's the name of it) out for its maiden voyage last night. He was flying on that thing - full of that new bike buzz.

Dan looking like he's ready to rock his new carbon whip. And he did!

Here's Dan being welcomed into the Crazy Bastard group ride by being offered a $100 for his new bike. I don't think he's going to bite on that one but you can see he has that "thanks anyway guys for trying to screw me out of my bike on my first night out."

You're welcome Dan, you are welcome.

Now on to the beautiful people ( not that you're not beautiful Dan). Here are just three of the ten on hand for last night's ride. Scott Walburn, back from a brutal few weeks of racing the Leadville 100 and the Ore to  Shore, Amy Haney, Big Mac, Jeff aka Redline Bastard, Jeff aka Slayer, Craig Rawlings aka Flying Bats ... and oh yeah ...

Jurrien Davison aka Ethiopian Bastard, being possibly one of the most beautiful people of them all in his splendiforous Hup Blanco kit DD handle bar wrap.

This kind of socialization led to beers in the lot, more beers in the lot and then some more at the HC later. And who the hell is the guy on the road bike? He looks like some kind of Bastard to me.

In the background you can see our old and good friend Russ Greenwood. Russ truly manned up and rode his ass off on his Single Speed last night, no doubt in training for some horrible 100 mile or 100 hour cross race or something. Nice going Russ, thanks for pulling us back all night with one gear! Sorry we couldn't help you, but you will be better "dude" for all the work you've done.

Nice night for a ride. Great roads. Stayed out of the deep gravel to the north. Temperatures were perfect and the beer was cold.

See you at practice next week.

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