Monday, July 30, 2012


Last night's Crazy Bastard ride included a turn through the Game Area. Here's a dramatic recreation of what happened when I tried to show off my Mad SkillZ on a cross bike to Big Mac, while trying to bomb through some single track on skinny cross tires.

Time to ride some dirt? Cupcake will take time out from her road racing career, and Olympic Watching, and say's she is ready for some Crazy Bastard rides. I believe Cupcake and some other CB's are planning on meeting this Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6 pm at Townsend. Lights are not required, unless you mean lite beer, and that's gross.

While riding the game area I thought for sure that I saw Julie Boonen at the top of the trail. I couldn't catch up to her to ask her if she'll be doing any of the early season CBX rides, but I wasn't fast enough. This is her, right? She's wearing running shoes, which is a sure clue, I think.

Yeah that's her. This is Julie Boonen's bubble-gum trading card photo, so I'm pretty sure it was her I saw on the trail. I also wanted to know why her brother wasn't in the Olympics - or was he?


When I saw these Olympic Rings I thought it must be the Winter Olympics, and not the Summer O's, and that Body Miller was on the loose in the Olympic Village again. As it is, when you see these you know it's time for a Crazy Bastard Olympic Watch.

Today's Olympic Watch features Cycling Faces. The first face is Cav's - pretty much featuring his lower lip. A lip hanging out like that has to be a drag in a sprint. Kinda defeats the purpose of the aero helmet cover, doesn't it?

Seems dashing old Cav was a upset because of negative racing countries that didn't like him. He also said he got screwed by the Germans. So what's new? Crack a history book and go to the The Britain and Germany WWI  and WWII. Personally the biggest negative for him was probably that damn hill.

A happier look (and why not?), from Women's Gold Medal Winner Marianne Vos. This was Vos crossing the line yesterday and taking the Gold. She was so excited about being an Olympic Champion she couldn't contain herself ....

Pretty much the same way she couldn't contain herself winning the Cyclocross World Championship this year ...

Or here, where she celebrated a Stomach of Anger win the same way ... seems like any win is an exciting and win for Vos. But after watching her this year, my past Women's Cross Favorite, Katie Compton, is going to have to pick it up and get her head back game to get me out of the Vos Fan Camp.


Here's one idea for transferring points between what appears to be two seemingly incompatible cross series in 2012. Load your points into a Beagle or Chocolate Lab USB device and do them "doggie-style."

Now that the schedules are all posted by Michigan cross racing, for Tailwind, Stomach of Anger, and Kisscross, the "cross-talk" and "cross-chatter" I've been hearing is all about  transferring points from the one Kisscross race that's included in the Stomach of Anger series, this year, with the other points from SOA races. Since the categories are so different between the two series, I don't see how it's going to happen, but I have a couple of suggestions that might smooth the whole process and make everybody happy.

The first idea is to use the same method that I used for Kisscross races over the years, which is counting everything on your fingers. When I raced Kisscross, when I got too tired to count on my figners I just rode until I was real tired and then pulled off and put my ticket on the spike before anyone else did, which pretty much assured me of a win - at least until I was DQ'd later on. Now I guess Kisscross is going hi-tech and leaving "Simple"behind and this method won't work anymore. I'm also wondering if the series will change its name from KEEP IT SIMPLE CROSS (KISSCROSS), to KEEP IT DIGITAL CROSS (KIDCROSS). 

I thought it might be useful if I loaned the good folks at SOA the computer I use to calculate tire pressures and gear ratios for every cross race. I spend a lot of time on it before every race, loading in temperature, rainfall and gravitational pulls, and the proximity of the nearest Starbucks, so I'm on it alot. I'm going to ask Big Mac if there's a place for it in his Cross Trailer. I thinking the answer is going to be a BIG NO.

Another way to calculate and transfer points would be to ask my mechanical Pit Mechanic, Dorf Assman to do it. He's pretty good at dropping 5 psi in the rear, cleaning mud out the cassettes, and scrubbing out the pedals with a toothbrush, which I think will be all the skills you'll need to get the job done. All I want in return is some new C-batteries for him. Yeah, that's what he runs on, amazing, isn't it?

Another way to calculate points that don't match up - ask a kid. There are plenty of kids everywhere and I hear that they are all computer whizzes.

I'm also wondering if one of the USA Cycling Officials (this is a re-enactment of Adrianne trying to calculate points while I'm yelling her at because I had too much coffee before the race) can calculate the points at the end of the race. Well maybe not.

My worry, and some other's as well, is that it will be too daunting of a task and may take longer to arrive at results than it is to find out who the actually winner of the Tour de France is every year. Are the drug test back by the way? I'm waiting for the men's Olympic results to come back positive any minute now.

I've also heard that the organizers may just count watts from each race (so you'll all have to watt meters I guess) to calculate results. My suggestions is that you could count calories - how many you burned, versus how many you loaded on in the parking lot drinking beer after the race. The results may not be right, but at that point, who the f- cares, right?

"Surly Bastard is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."

Of course the best method of achieving corrected race and series results would be to use the Manchurian Calculate Method. All the racers would be drugged and hypnotized and results would be subliminally transmitted by a code-word or signal. 

No matter what the "results" it sure is nice to have so many great choices for racing this year. Make as many races as you can, and enjoy!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Adam Myserson showing : style, speed, abundant cross-knowledge - and most importantly he's rocking some awesome ink!

Let me tell you how awfully-awful it is to have missed the Great Adam Myerson Chit-Chat of 2012 @ VeloCity tonight. I've been to some Myerson Chit-Chats before and have always come away with something new each and every time, even if it's a an idea for body ink that I will never, ever have put on my body anywhere.

Prior to tonight's Great Adam Myerson Chit-Chat of 2012 @ VeloCity I saw this little tidbit of Chit-Chat fodder scurrying around the dirty floors of the basement of what the world knows as "social media."

I'm not sure what this means exactly, but as far as I'm concerned the step through is dead. I'm just wondering (and a little worried) about being "next."

Unless the above message, now scurrying like an Instagram-Rat on the said floor of the Social Media basement is some bit of irony that's way over my bald head, I have to agree with it - except of course that  "Your Next" part, of course. And that face that looks like it just jumped out of the sidebar of The Michigan Scene blog.

While the Step Through may be dead, there are still some that would like to keep it alive. That's why for our upcoming Crazy Bastard Early Season Practice Sessions, we are going to have Stephanie Stepthru her-ownself demonstrate the dying art of step-through dismounts.

Here's Stephanie Stepthru showing the 2-out-of-ten results of the "step-through" dismount technique.

Stephanie Stepthru has it down to a science. Notice the smile? That's because she knows the exact odds of the step-through dismount.

Adam Myerson studying the program for tonight's Great Adam Myerson Chit-Chat of 2012 @ VeloCity. He may be thinking about where his next tat is going, too. He's also tweeting about all the stuff I'm a H8er of as well ...

Stepping through w/o unclipping on the left is the equivalent of unprotected sex with strangers. You'll get away with it for a while but...

Again, I am so sorry I missed the Great Adam Myerson Chit-Chat of 2012 @ VeloCity I heard it was excellent (from my inside sources). Not only did Adam throw the step-through under the bus, he sent disc-brakes in there as well. Again I saw a couple of "tweets" in the Social Media basement that let me know exactly what he thinks of the disc-brake-on-cross-bikes revolution (pretty much what I was thinking only I'm no elite racer):
Adam Myerson ‏ @AdamMyerson 
Every time I see another elite cx rider moving to discs, I'm happy they'll have a heavier bike next season.
But enough of technique and equipment hating you big haters, lets get on to the sure thing that is bound to make you faster and better than ever before - and if you went to Great Adam Myerson Chit-Chat of 2012 @ VeloCity tonight you should know by now what it is - yeah, that's right, it's all about the ink!

Looking fast and sexy, I think. What better way to fly on a bike than with this winged-chick on two-wheels tat. Everyone has one, apparently.

This may not look lie its fast, but it's going to look cool as hell when she strips off the skin suit in the parking lot after the Women's Cat 4 race.

But not all ink is cool or good. I'm not sure what this says about "you." Let me know, 'cause I don't have a clue. In answer to WWJD?, my answer is not this.

And not all guys need ink to get faster. You can be pale, skinny and un-inked. Here's the best exception to the rule:  current World Champion Niels Alberts. Instead of ink, he rubs a little mud here an there to get it going.

Then again, maybe you don't need ink at all. It's cross season afterall, and if you live in Michigan chances are you'll be all wrapped up head to toe like this spry young lady that's getting ready to go out for a blast on her disc brake cross bike. Think she's ready for step-through? Time you had a chat with Stephanie Stepthru!

For those of you that still believe in the ink, though, believe in Big Ben Berden. Check out the creepy-crawly ink, along with great style. This guy, like Adam Myerson, truly rocks it. Enjoy and get ready for cross kids!

Stoemper Presents Ben Berden from Stoemper on Vimeo.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Are the dirt roads calling your name yet? They're calling mine. I'm planning on a ride this evening out of Townsend with a few Bastards. If you like to join us get a hold of me via that FaceBook thing. I'll post up times later today, so look if you're interested.

I really enjoyed the TdF this year. Especially this part. And I really was glad that this guy won. I truly dig his riding style, and his music.

Wiggo played a mean TT and guitar. I'll bet Frommie and Nibbleme really enjoyed his "The Kids Are Alright" number. Strangely Wiggo's other name is the same as the Park I'll be launching from tonight. Never thought of that before ...

So it's time to haul out the Belgy crap, banners, flags, beer and glue and get ready for the oncoming cross season. Indeed it's getting close to time to say goodbye to this:

And this:

And hello to this:

And shit like this ...

In case you forgot what it is to be a 'crossaniac, here's a crash course on everything you need to know and say. Of course you'll need to learn Dutch and whatever it is real cyclocrosser speak. If you'd like to see an American Version of SHIT CYCLOCROSSERS SAY CLICK ANY OF THIS.

If you're starting to plan your race schedule this fall here are just a few of the hotspots and races to see and be seen with your 'cross on.

Dates are up for this year for all the cross series in Michigan. One of our favorite, and one of the first on the schedule is the Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross. It's Saturday September 8th, 2012. Registration is now open. Part of the SOA series, if you don't make this one, well you're actually nobody ...

There are also a couple of races very close, as part of the SOA series in Lansing. They are working on the course right now to get it in top shape for the season. Let me know if you want to go ride the course or help the promoters prep it. Visit the Stomach of Anger site for more details. (We'll put up the link later). Remember this series also includes the Mad Anthony race, another great one.

The Tailwind Series is up. New venues and dates provide some opportunities to travel an explore other races, cities and venues this year. Check out the full schedule right here. For those that like it simple, and straightforward, KissCross also has their schedule online.

Adam Myerson his ownself will be appearing at VeloCity in Holland this Friday, I believe. Check with MC Hammer at VC for details. He's not this serious, ever, but nice photo anyway Adam.

More cross news, I hear that Adam Myerson will be coming to Velo City this weekend, Friday I believe. Adam's always a good time. Asking him if there's any "crying" in cyclocross and see what he says - you can watch him shed a few right here.

Finally I leave you with this ... something to hum wherever you ride tonight. I'm sure Wiggo will appreciate the thought.