Monday, August 15, 2011


(In case you were wondering what gravel vs. pavement looked like.)

Only on the East Side of the State do they have so wonderfully visual signage. Could that be because they can't read? I came across this beauty while keeping up on my gravel road riding - also the only place that it's safe to ride a bicycle at all.

I thought that the sign was significantly symbolic of the ending of the road season, and the beginning of the cyclocross season. To that "End" (excuse the pun) I also thought I would try to find a video that depicted the end of the road season and the beginning of the cyclocross season.

Think there isn't one? Think again Bastards. Here it is. And no, it's not another Big Mac production, though I wish it were.

Here is it is: THE END

In this video you'll see how somebody has actually Napalmed the shit out of the road season to bring it to a close. Then you'll see Martin Sheen, father of "Mr. Winning" laying in bed, sweating out the beginning of the 'cross season. You'll see, but the look on his face, he is lying there probably thinking about gluing new tubulars, and about building up an all carbon Ridley. It's all there. No open a Leffe, sit back and enjoy. The 'cross season is about to begin.


  1. R u going to the east side tomorrow? Gravel road ride in effect? Practice? Just planning my life around you bastards.

  2. I'm a go, but remember, I start out slow, then back it off a little.


  3. I just need to let Sarah know. She is in for practice possibly. No go for her for a ride. I'm infor either.


  4. Just posted for a choice - Redline feel like a practice tonight? Let us know here or better yet on today's post. Thanks.