Friday, December 3, 2010


Since it's "riding on ice season" here's a video of a guy who knows how to ride on the slick stuff. Of course he's got an advantage with some wicked-ass studded tires. Watch, and see how it's done ... I don't know if I want to plunk down the $200 a tire price for these things, though, no matter how well they stick.

Like Tron and the remake of the old Tron movie where people get sucked into a video game and everybody glows kind-of-weirdly, last night's "first winter ride" of the season, was well lit, as displayed here by CD Bastard.

Everybody was glowing, weren't they? We had five in all on the ride. Mike V, Craig, Flying Bats, JZ Jeff, CD, and myself. Here we are all Tron'd up and ready to roll. There would have been more on the ride - Matt showed up, but we rolled before 6 - ooops! Sorry about that, but we didn't think anybody else would show. If you think you are going to come, call or leave a comment here and we'll wait. Yeah, we will. Promise.

Failure to launch, err, light, required a little mid-ride mechanical work. Here F'Bats fixes CD's ride up with an extra "lamp" he just happened to have on him. It's a well equipped group. As the for the ride, there was a bit of ice heading out, but it got crunchy, with a little light mud near the end. Nice ride, all and all, for the first time out on snow and ice.

CD showed of some nice apres ride style with they plaid pants hand-made by Mrs. CD. Apparently they are not only colorful, they also defy gravity! I want me some of those!

Some knuckle-head knocked down the telephone pole outside the HC last night (you can quite see it, but it's there, marked by orange cones). The culprit was obviously out of their mind with an over indulgence of Fried Carp and Cask beer (yeah it's yummy). We're not sure who did it, but Bob H showed up later and he had a friend with him who we think might have been the culprit. We're not sure, but he looks like this ... call us if you see him. He like to hang out in the men's room - and it's not Maverick!

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