Friday, December 31, 2010

New YEar's Eve Post - Junkyard Cross

Happy New Year's Eve! Since it's crappy out, on this, the last day of the year, what could be better than a look at one of the crappiest (and I mean that in a good way) cyclocross race. It's junkyard cross. Think I spotted a location nearby that might want to work if we ever want to try something this stupid. First place - a tetanus shot.


  1. 1:38 right now - I'm going for a ride out at Towndsend. Should be there a little after 2 if any of you yahoos want to meet me out there. It's my birthday ride!

  2. Happy birthday! Surly Bastard....

    I was out jogging this afternoon, but a ride would have been nice.

    JZ Bastard

  3. Nice ride. A little muddy. Very little ice, but some. Plenty of freakin' animals! I'll post up some muddy pics later.

  4. happy birthday Surly! Rode today (New Years Day) windy and cold but nice to start the year right! see ya Tuesday