Thursday, December 23, 2010


Not only is this guy a jerky jerk face for being a Canadian Seal Hunter, he is also, thankfully, bad clubber. It looks like he's going to spank the seal - the freakin' sicko.

I don't know anyone who likes, or who isn't sickened by Canadian Seal Hunting, so tonight we're going to ride to end Canadian Seal Hunting by making sure that there is one less Canadian available to go Canadian Seal Hunting. I think you know who I am talking about.

While there are plenty of dot orgs out there that are "working" to end Canadian Harp Seal Slaughter, I think we may be the only club (gang) actively riding to end this horrible practice.

We even have actually Canadians, who were against Seal Hunting before, that are now really, really against Canadian Seal Hunting. See the Canadian above ... She's not looking for Seals, she's looking for Seal Hunters and ready to give them a good shot in the chops, eh!

You can see the transformation she's made since the last ride photo. See the alternative to Baby Seal Hats and Gloves? Wonderful, isn't it? So if you'd like to do your bit, join us on the ride tonight. Same Seal location, same Seal Time. That's 6 p.m. for you Canadians that are still on Candadian Bacon Time.


  1. Thanks to Flying Bats for contributing the the knit seal hat and glove photo. Aimee sure looks different with studio lighting and no cycling helmet.

  2. I’m in on this worthy cause and I will be riding tonight. Actually, I haven’t heard any complaints from the seal population in the area. I have heard some horrendous stories from the sheep farmers in the vicinity.

    Apparently, every Tuesday and Thursday evening around the time the Honey Creek Inn closes all the sheep in the area become frantic and hysterical. I’ve heard of entire herds charging their owner’s farm houses and hiding in their basements until dawn. What could be Treking around out there at night that is so horrifying to these sheep?

    Surly, somebody knows…