Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm planning on riding tonight - 6 p.m. out of Townsend Park, as usual. Thank goodness there is somebody at home to clean up the horrible mess left over from the long holiday weekend while I'm out riding.

I don't know how I'm going to get this all done. Look at this mess! These people are more like dogs than dogs!

I guess there's nothing to do but dig in with all four paws and just do it!

And all while that clown is out riding his stupid bike. Get out of here, clown on his stupid bike, who needs you!?!?

See you Bastards tonight - maybe. Try and leave a comment if you're coming.


  1. Yes, I'll be pawing my way over tonight. Sweet post!

  2. That apron reminds me of the Russian Brides post earlier in the year...'cept no beer. Is that what they look like after they get shipped over here? Must be a long journey.

  3. Yeah the photo on the Russian Bride site was a little misleading, wasn't it? I thought, at the time, that the accompanying copy was crude, "white bitch, willing to work like dog ..." but I thought, what the hell they're are Russians, - and then I find out they weren't kidding. I just hope she doesn't get dish-pan-paws ...

  4. I'll see if I can get my apron off long enough to ride. It's been a long holiday home with too many girls!

  5. Haha, Libby does the same crap at home!!! However, she's usually naked in the kitchen... no apron