Wednesday, December 1, 2010


One of my better file photos of JZ Jeff, aka Redline Bastard. He put together a sweet loop last night to new and not often visited dirt roads. Jeff claimed that the thing sticking out of the back of his bike wasn't a fender, it was an "aero-foil" whatever that is. Actually I think his bike was just glad to see me.


Last night's NO FENDER TUESDAY RIDE was a screaming success! If by success you mean we all got back alive and all of the rain, mud, and devastation I expected, just didn't happen. Actually the roads were in very good condition, with very little mud, and the temperatures were kind to us - read that as no frozen toes or fingers. The only bugger was the wind was coming up pretty hard at the end. Thankfully it was tailwind by then. Jeff Z led the ride, taking us on a very interesting loop. Well done Redline Bastard! We'll have to rock that one again.

Other Bastards on the ride: Flying Bats and Mike V. We were joined a few miles into the ride by Dave Baar, whose fast pace was slowed by a drive-train that was sounding like a garbage disposal. Great ride, nice pace, and fun, food and beers later back at the Honey Creek.

I leave you today with video from the Wolverine Club (picked it up on Jeff 'lil Pony's site - check it out). This is the best video I've seen yet on this year's Derby Cup. You can bet it won't be dusty like this on Sunday! And take a look at some of the dudes you'll be racing against this weekend. Think they love their cross? Check it out. Very well done production. They make this race look like it was actually fun. My video would have been a little different, except for the Halloween shit at the end.


  1. Looks like I pussed out last night. Not sure I believe the photo of Jeff bet he froze his ass off. Wish I came would have beat working then a sucking day if travel! Stuck in beautiful Detroit Airport! Ugh!

  2. That was an old photo of Jeff. "File footage" as it were. It was much better though, last night, than I thought it would be. I was way over-dressed. Yeah, anything's better than the beautiful Detroit airport. Hope to see you soon!

  3. On the road full time for the next week and half. Work is really getting in the way. I'll getbhome for a ride on Saturday then off again!

  4. Whoaaaa! Good luck. I think we should probably call you Road Warrior Bastard! See when you get back. Perhaps this snow will be gone and we'll have some cleaner riding. See ya Kahuna!