Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our new official Ride-Caller: Dickie V. He may be with Bob H tonight, who knows? I've signed a contract with DV and the Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge. It's all part of "Growing the Team," bullshit for 2011.

It doesn't matter how cold it is. Or how icy (well maybe). Or how deep the snow is, right? There is a ride tonight - well I'm planning on it. I'm charging my lights, getting out my new "seal mittens" (just got to get some of the blood off) and writing out a will. Who wants some old tubular cross tires? Anywho-ha, see you Crazy Bastards tonight.

Now for the long-awaited photos from the State Championship Cyclocross Race on Sunday.

MC Hammer, Cross-Master and Rock Star, MC shows us how it's done on the off-camber on his SS. Looking tough Mike! And those bare knees .... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Also tough, and looking better than Mike in a number of ways (Sorry MC you are beautiful in your own way dude) is Kim Thomas. Kim is in Bend for the Nationals as I type this. Wish her luck - it looks like the conditions are pretty rough with freezing rain and an overload of "Oregonians" what ever those things are. Sound contagious! Be careful!

Here's one of my favorite cross racers of 2010 -Nancy Lange! Here she is on here brand spanking new cross bike. Dig the concentration as she eyes up the next turn and the next racer she's going to pick off! It's Nancy's first year racing cyclocross and she's taken on some pretty tough courses - including the State Championship course (seen here) last Sunday. That thing was a challenge and a half. Over my head. Congratulations Nancy on a great year!

Here I am doodling around at States, looking more like Little Fucking Red Riding Hood. Yeah I rode this thing like I was on my way to Grandma's house - and I didn't know the wolf was after my lame-ass. I was so disappointed in (well just about everything) that I've taken some "Supplements" that have dramatically "Enhanced" not only my pitiful performance on the bike - I also look WAY MORE PRO. Check out what I look like today ...

Pretty good transformation, isn't it? Not only did I get huge legs, I even got better facial hair in the deal. But maybe I could do even better with just one more "treatment."

Yeah, here's what I'm shooting for. You may not recognize me tonight. Just look for some Handlebar Mustachiocicles - it's me!

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  1. You can see more of the action at the State Championships by visiting - she shot almost all of the photos up today, except for the last two, and Dick V of course.