Monday, December 13, 2010


Well there's nothing more exciting than a Holiday Party, is there? Unless of course you hate the fucking Holiday's, and who doesn't? Well, me, maybe. But anyway, the Party season is here and chances are you'll be invited to some kind of Holiday Party populated with your biking brethrens, or sisteren, although that sounds an awful lot like a cistern, so I'll stay away from that ... unless you're a complete jerk. And who isn't? Oh well I got invited to a couple in spite of myself.

The first party wasn't a team party, but a mix of some great bikers from both the fat tire and skinny tire world at Angry John's house.

When you see this (above) at any bike party you know immediately that Bob H, is in-da-house.

Kim, Shari V, and our wonderful host Angry John. Thanks for a great time, Angry John!

Another lovely couple at the party - Wendy and Mike V. I'm sure Dave Stebs', will cry when he sees this. You guys are heartless, you really are.

A hot biking couple if ever there was- the Farmer and the Farmers wife, aka Nate and Shari. They are beautiful, aren't they? But who is the most beautiful of the two?

Yeah, he's a cutie-pie, isn't he. Tough, but cute, that Farmer.

But what is the most fantastic Holiday Party of them all?

If you're thinking it's a party with Hollywood celebutards and Conturdud, wrong again ...

Not even a Holiday BBQ with Lance would do it for me ...

The top party invite of the year is from here:

Lucky me I got another invitation to this gala event. The only bad thing ... my camera crapped out and I couldn't take any photos. Luckily I was able to find photos that were pretty close to what actually went down at the FreeWheeler party of 2010. Here they are:

They cleaned up the shop and moved a few things around. This is what it looked like, kind of, as seen above.

They had some really mean bean dip inside this cage ... as well as some dancing.

Of course they introduced the latest 9ner for 2011. Yeah this thing will literally fly over Yankee, Custer, Game Area, Ski Hill, Luton, all within a matter of minutes.

Once the party got rockin', well it got rockin'. What can you say when there's whiskey and Pabst Blue Ribbon being passed around by the bucket load. (Actually there was a lot of good beer on tap - as well as loads of food). I don't remember it exactly like this, but close enough for weirdness. I think this is Michigan State Champion for 2010, Marne Smiley, showin' it off. I think that's a 29er rim she's spinnin'.

And finally, like all good parties it turned really strange. You know I don't remember Tom Burke being at the party, but I guess he was. These fake photos don't lie, do they?


  1. Now you know the BEST end of season Holiday party is the Mel Trotter Mission "Fundy Undy" party at McFADDENS 12/16th at 7pm presented by Priority Health Cycling Teams. Great cause. Bring some underwear , socks or cash will do just fine also. Lets help our brothers and sisters this season!!

  2. For sure. I will have my camera charged for that one, so look out party-goers, it could get em-bare-assing or something like that.

    We'll post up a reminders of this event everyday before-hand just to make sure everybody gets this.