Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday - Ride? No Ride? Lambchops?

The Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge knows all - but does he know if there will be a ride tonight?

Can't decide whether or not - weather or not - to ride tonight before the Priority Undy MelTrotter Party downtown tonight (at McFaddens). Anybody feel like a "quickie" before the event? I'll ask the Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge what to do, but it would be better if I heard from some of you Bastards out there.

Even if you don't ride there's a good chance that I'll see you at the party since everybody that's anybody will be there. I'm even hoping (against hope) that the our own Holiday Party Monster, Tom B will be there, and, you guessed it, be ready to party.

Will there be another Tom Burke party sighting tonight? You can only hold your antennas and hope.

While you're deciding, here's a lovely video companion to yesterday's Sven Nys' Lamb/Phone video which you may have understood, and found so hilarious you haven't stopped laughing, or you didn't understand and are wondering why something like this is being posted today. Today's video was unearthed and sent to my by Flying Bats aka Craig R - thanks Craig!

I'd also like to report that visitors to this blog since the first of June just went over 20,000! Baaaaaaaah! Now enjoy this strange video, courtesy of Flying Bats.


  1. I am almost getting ready to say yeah, I'm going to ride tonight. Anybody in? It will be short, and we'll have to make it back to the McFaddy's fast, but it can be done. Anybody?

  2. NO ride for me tonight. Damn. See you at the party, party-goers.

  3. Can't make it tonight... will work a little later, then zip down to McFaddens...

    On a side note...the Black Sheep movie was filmed around 11 mile.. look close & may reconize some of the country side...

  4. I hope to make it backout next week, Tuesday was just to cold for me. I set the bar at two five and set at the bar when the temp drops below that...


  5. Surly anyone headed to Chicago for tomorrow's Afterglow race?

  6. Not me. I see Seaman's is headed down there. Afterglow - those guys are flippin' hilarious.