Monday, December 13, 2010

Elite Nationals - Finish this line

Came accross this pic on Velonews. Certainly not the way Powers wants to have his CX nationals captured. It really was tough luck for Powers as he had easily beat Wells all year long and was my bet to win the race. It's a cruel way to have it end, but it's still pretty funny stuff.

Anyone want to add some text to the pic.

6. Barriers or riders...Wells can bunny hop both of them.
5. Looks like Jeremy is about to get J-Powed!
4. Wait wait! Nobody move! I lost my contact! A little help please?
3. Wait wait! Nobody move! And nobody light a match!
2. Wells and Powers are good friends. Maybe too good of friends.
1. Turn dude! TURN!

It was nice to watch the races on Sunday via They do a good job covering what's going on with the cross scene. Compton for the women and Wells for the guys was the day's big winner. Wells is the current wearer of 3 stars and bars jerseys. The guy is flat out fast:
Short Track Mountain Bike
XC Mountain Bike

Surly's post of Card below is pretty cool too. Take a couple and look it over. Finally solved the mystery of the white beads he always wears too.

Feels like hibernation mode is upon us and my bike hasn't seen the light of date in 3 weeks or so.

Later Bastards,

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