Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay the off-camber wasn't as muddy or as slippery as this, but it claimed quite a few riders. While I didn't see it I was told that the first lap of the Cat 4 race was a total crash-party with guys piling up, wrapping the tape and so on. Hopefully some actual video will show up later.

Now, on with the state championship cross party, yesterday, in Davisburg;

A happy Frites chef, only feet from the Orange Crush and racing action. Yummy, those were good frites my man!

Sorry there aren't more race photos from yesterday's State Championship Cyclocross race in Springfield Oaks, but I'll have some hopefully tomorrow, taken by pros. I didn't take any photos on course as my fingers frozen off and I was unable to operate the camera - unless it was someplace warm. Now back to the warm stuff.

Did this woman get so hot looking at that handsome Frites Chef that her ass started spontaneously steaming?

No, it was just those delicious frites in the fryer.

Here they are, almost ready to go. Just a little sea salt and seasoned mayo, and WOW! Were they good. The kind folks at Tailwind also had a keg of beer tapped all day so you'd have something to wash the frites down with. More than thoughtful, I thought.

Kim Thomas and Cupcake having a toast to a great season of cross.

Inside the (warm) presentation hall it was good to see old friends that had survived the cold and one tricky, off-ass-camber course. For those of you that weren't there here's a crude representation of what the course was like - but add in that it was also going off-camber, up-and-down, while going back and forth.

Turn here. Fall there. Get up and go. Turn here. Fall there. Repeat.

Anne and Jeff celebrating another great cross season.

Cupcake, again, and Nancy. Nancy was awesome taking on a seriously pro cross course on her brand new cross bike. Way to go Nancy!

I might just as well stolen this off the table.

Yeah I bagged some sort of medal. I moved up to the Masters 45+ and got a real lesson in massive acceleration through muddy off-cambers. But not too bad. Managed to hang in there, even though I was over my head. But I learned a lot yesterday. Like wear thicker gloves, dumb-ass. My payment for a little suffering was a silver in the Men's 55+ behind Mark W. Yeah I was second to first, but dead last in my category. It goes to show you that sometimes it's not how you do in the race but which race you do.

But if I was going to steal something off the table, it should have been one of these (below) Series Winner Bells. I have a couple, but I don't know if I'll ever get another. While some may covet their little State Medals, these are what you really work for kids ...

Here's where my medal ended up. Going to the dogs. Yeah, she loves it. Won't take it off ... the b*tch!

Look for updates and more photos later. See you tomorrow on the ride, too.

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