Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mr. 4000

Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. 4,000 - Steven Buccella

Great ride last night, with 5 Bastards in all - Redline Bastard, Matt ICE-ICE Baby Graves, Larry Big Kahuna, Myself, and the new Mr. 4000 - Steve B. Yeah, it was a moment in history, and if you weren't there you won't be able to tell you grandkids about it. For me, when people ask, when Steve got his 4000 miles for the year, where were you? Well, boys and girls, I know where I was, I was there.

Achievements like rolling 4,000 miles on a bicycle aren't easy. It's kinda of like achievements in baseball, which also love their statistics. One of my favorite is Mr. 3000, about some has-been trying to get 3,000 hits. Steve's 4,000 mile achievement deserves a movie like this, I think. Now who would we get to play Steve?

Second thought. No. We'll let the book come out first and then pick the lead actor later.

There are other great achievement in sports that are all about things like making a long number of consecutive games, hits, or miles. The Pride of the Yankees, a movie about Lou Gehrig's life and achievements as a baseball player was another one.

There was even a great speech by Gary Cooper at the end of the movie that is an all-time classic. It was a lot like the speech that Steve gave at the Creek last night. Only Steve's speech instead of starting out with I'm the "luckiest man in the world," it was more like "Where's my waitress?" Not quite the same, but almost ...

There are other athletes, like Steve, that have rolled up some big numbers. Like the guy above. In his acceptance speech though he'll be saying something like, "that's not mine ..."

Anyway, as I said it was a great ride. A little icy, but I had little difficulty in maintaining grip since I had one of these Bad Boys strapped on the rear. It sure delivers traction, but the weight is something else.

If I keep riding with studded tires (they weight like 50 pounds a piece!) I'm going to end up with legs that look like this by April. Not that I necessarily want legs that look like this. Hell no! 'Cause if you get those big fat, muscly quads, you know what's next?

Yeah, that's right, you gotta start wearing pants like these. "How'd you like a kick in the face from one of these bad boys, huh?


  1. Congrats Steve! Now I can tell my grandkids I was there when history was made! great ride did I mention I hat slush! With my monster quads from hauling around 2 of those 50 lb tires I kept sinking up to my hubs!

  2. Way to go Steve!!! Was up in Harbor warmly and safely drinking a French white burgundy while you were out creating history. At first I assumed you had just bought the first ever 4000lumen headlamp. Hahahahahaa