Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Want a funny read this morning? Check out The Michigan Scene this morning - "The B Plan." Here's the author. If you don't like the blog, she'll shoot you right after she gets done plucking her eyebrows Apparently. 

What's crazier? The aerial footage of the SSCXWC in SF this past weekend, or the crap those people wear when they race, and the disgusting shit they jump in? Yeah, they're flying the freak flag high, but just try this shit in Michigan, in December, and then tell me what crazy really looks like. Also before you get much further check out today's The Michigan Scene blog. Hilarious shit, plus some tips of the T to some of our own. Well watch this SS goofiness and check out below. You're next in line!

Maybe they're more civilized in Oregon. Anyway it seems like this is where all the mud is - like all the time. Here's what the Oregon State Championship looked like this year. Notice that they don't need to mark the course, you just follow the mud stripe.

Oregon State Championship Video

Now for a "Course Preview" video. I notice these more and more, they're really getting to be the rage. I always love the disembodied and disconnected voice. This one is great because it's so serious - yet you're following a tandem with the Mario Brothers on it.

"... on this turn the radius really tightens up so you'll probably have to enter the turn a few degrees wider so you can just touch the apex ..." 

Yeah, yeah yeah. Someday I want to do a course preview video. It would probably go like this:

"You'll probably come into this turn too hot since you're a complete dumb-fuck and lay the bike down and get run over by that asshole(s) that's always sucking your wheel ..." 


"...this part of the course is really difficult, so there's a good chance they'll pull it and reroute the course while you're shivering your ass off at the start line ... so be prepared to hit that tree. I think it's a maple."

So follow the Mario Bros as they take you around the course ...

2011 Rockburn Cross Course Preview from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

No here's the actual race. It won't take long to figure out that it doesn't look anything like the preview. Maybe it's different because Luigi isn't there, I dunno. Anyway the best part of this video is the fact there are a lot of guys falling down all over the place. Since that's what I've been doing at practically every race, it makes me feel better. Well, except for the big scab on my knee from this weekend.

Rockburn Cross 2011 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Well I'm planning on one last ride before I call it a Holiday. Whatever Holiday it is, I'm not sure. Anyway it would be good to see some Bastards tonight, riding something slow like this ...

And heading back to the Honey Creek to drink something that looks like this ...

I'll see you Bastards next week. I won't be around Thursday for a ride. I'm going to try and make it back for a race I hear that's happening in Holland this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there. Whatever, have a great Holiday, whatever Holiday it happens to be!

Happy Holidays you @#$#@# Bastards! I'm still waiting for you!


  1. Have fun at the ride. Can't make it tonight. Happy Thanksgiving Bastards.

  2. Starting to see rain. I may not make it. Anybody in? Hello? Maybe we just go straight for the Guiness ...

  3. I'm going. More for me if nobody shows.

  4. No go...See you in Holland.


  5. Yeah, I'm going riding!