Tuesday, November 15, 2011


While there were a lot of great action shots, videos and stories from the weekend, this one is my favorite.  We had great showing of West-Side Bastards, from their respective teams at Stony this past weekend, and as they say, we "represented." We were in 5 races and took 6 podium spots, in a race that was brutally hard, if I do say so myself. Before we get on to the individual stories, here's the scoop above: Adam McIntyre breaks out in a big way in the Cat 3 race with absolutely heroic ride. Sarah McIntyre takes the podium too, I think for the first time, in the women's Cat 4. Nancy Lange, moved up a step or two on the podium in the Cat 4 race, with another spectacular ride. Cupcake took home some money in the Elite Women's class, suffering away like the courageous cupcake she is. In the toughest Category of the day, Jeff Haney, aka Slayer, used his legs and his head to work over the Men's 45+ Master's Category and take the Win! Hats off Slayer, one of the best rides ever - from power, endurance, to great tactics. Finally I just squeaked onto the podium. I swear a couple of times I was going like Zero Mph in the sand and seeing stars. Yeah it was fun and it sucked.

Now for another spectacular Adam, Big Mac video. He took off in the first lap, as you'll see, and blew the race apart. You'll also see the string of riders behind him as the course doubles back. After going out so hard, nobody gave him a chance in the a 45 minute race, but he held it, and even showed some power to not only be way out in front, but not too far behind the eventually winner. This race, and Slayer's race were worth the trip to watch. No enjoy and the agony and the Cross-exstasy of Stony Creek ...

While you couldn't see it from the onboard camera, if you'll notice, Adam got some new super-power from his new team kit. Yeah he's one of the those BISSELL guys now.

And stepping up. This weekend was a giant step for the new BISSELL rider. Did I say that already? That's how the announcer called it ...

He looks like a man among boys, huh. Freakin' little bike racers.

After the ride and the podium presentation he was happy, but do you think he was smiling like this when he was on course?

Cupcake on the podium once again. You can see the women standing their cash. Seriously.

Cupcake showing Joy-Joy. Again, do you think you were seeing a happy frosting and sprinkles cupcake smile here face while she was doing this?

Here come Cupake starting a about 100 yards or more of sand running ...

And there she goes, showing great style and form. Yeah, somebody make it to practice. Well done Laura.

Speaking of frosting and sprinkles, Sarah McIntyre said she heard there was a chance of "sprinkles" in the forecast for the day, so she laid some on, just in-case.

Close-up of the sprinkles. Very nice Sarah. And great race.

While the sprinkles were cool, I think she looks better with this bling.

Here's our weekend warrior and Cross Hero, Nancy Lange who was again  kickin' ass on a course that had grown men crying at the end. Another great race by Nancy who is really getting some serious cross skills in the bank. She keeps on movin' on up, and on the East side, wouldn't you know.

Here's Cupcake sharing the joy. Nice. You're grounded.

Okay, that's better. You're not grounded. But who do you think you're kidding?

Here's Slayer getting the goods, with another fantastic win in he 45+. It was a good sized field, and the his battle with Andy Klumb, who rode that f*cking sand like and animal every lap was absolutely epic. The reason only one guy was on the podium with Jeff at the presentation - the rest were all in the ER. Why do you think we call him Slayer? And yes, Jeff is rocking the BISSELL colors. Another fun one to watch Jeff.

Here I am racing trailers that aren't attached to vehicles. And I'm losing!

Anyway the funniest part of the race was when it was all over this Demented Crazy Bastard tried to OCCUPY THE PODIUM! Thankfully they just called the park police and had him evicted. Bastard.

I'll put up some more action shots later. Planning on a little recovery ride tonight and get ready for another long hard, double weekend of racing. Anybody in?


  1. I’m in if you wear your deer suit and lead us out, buckaroo...


    Nice recap!

  2. A little too Podium happy. It was a fun race. Fun in that I almost passed out and then threw up. Or was it I almost threw up and passed out. Yeah, do we need hunter's orange tonight? Deer have headlamps don't they?

  3. Looks like a gathering of the misfits.