Friday, November 18, 2011


Where's my f*cking snorkel when I need it?  And why does it smell like ass in here?

Crashing. Crashing happens. And this year it's happened to me quite a bit. And I'm getting too old for that shit, by the way. The only time it's okay to crash when it's really muddy or snowy and I've got something nice and soft to land on. Maybe like this ...

Just saw this lovely crash sequence (below) shot by Eric Baumann (via Adam Myerson's Facebook post). It's part of Eric's Plymouth CX album. Don't get excited, you didn't miss a race in Plymouth Michigan - this is in some place called Massachusetts where it's always muddy for cross races, even if they have them in July, I guess. Anyway, some beautiful shots of a messy affair. Nice job Mr. Baumann.  

Atta girl. Great guts. Nice style. I love the glasses. And the mud-stache, too.

Now if I do crash I hope it's on mud, sand, an abandoned mattress, a hay bale, or something like one of  these things below. Yeah they look like they could break my fall okay.

Matter of fact I'm think maybe I could just stuff these (below) in a jersey pocket or pin them to the back of my non-and-unprotective skinsuit.

As usual the Japanese are once again leading the world in Boob Pillow technology. Looks like you can get these little (or big) cuties in a number of sizes, and emotional expressions. That's nice! I'll take the bemused looking Boob in a 9200 mm width please.

But what the f*ck are these guys napping on? I don't want to know, and if it comes to landing on "ass" I'm landing on my own, thank you.

Just in! The Best Hand-up Ever! How about an inflatable Suzy Doll for a Crash Cushion? Better yet as a hand-up toy. Watch and giggle, giggler-watchers.

Everybody be safe and a have a good time racing or wherever you race or ride this weekend. I'll also be posting up a report on last night's ride once again feature Tom Boonen's sister and other dignitaries and the awarding of the PHOTO QUIZ BEER, later today or over the weekend. Maybe we'll have another PHOTO QUIZ next week. It worked out so well.

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