Monday, November 21, 2011


Tom Burke showed them how it was done at Bloomer Park this past Sunday. First he accomplished something very few have been able to do this year - beat the unbeatable German, Sven, on Tom's right. The guy on Tom's left in third, oh yeah, I think that's Christian Tanguy, Mountain Bike World Champion or something ... nice day's work Tom, congratulations.

NEW PHOTO JUST IN: Jeff Slaying the course. No one in sight. Just the way the Slayer like it. Photo courtesy of our good friend JB, Brian Hancock. Make sure you check out his race in Midland, the last one in the SOA series.

Speaking of podiums, and podium shots we don't have, Slayer aka Jeff Haney pulled off another spectacular win at Bloomer Park on Sunday in the brutal-ass 45+. Robert W (left) jumped like a beast and built a big gap, Jeff chipped away at for several laps, and then took it back and proceeded to run away with the race. He was sprinting for positions against 35+ racers at the end. He is afterall, the SLAYER!

Robert W, Andy K, and your 45+ winner once again, SLAYYYYYYEEEERRRRR!

More Podium fun was had at Bloomer on Sunday. Watch the video of the Bloomer race and you'll see how Big Mac has a bad start (could it have been Jeff screaming in his face at the line?) and then gets caught behind a crash on top of the crazy wood chip pile, and then comes charging back to take 3rd. One of the most impressive rides of the day.

Adam getting some more podium love on Sunday, at Bloomer Park. Another great race and podium in the Men's Cat 3.

Now here's a sweet video of Big Mac's first lap at Bloomer. Check out the crash on top of the Wood Chip pile. How did they do that? At one point, about halfway through the lap Mac blast by about 5 racers on one straightaway. Coming back from that far back was more than impressive. It was sick. Unfortunately he had no real chance at the leaders. After that first lap crash they were gone!


Adam showing some real style, and strong legs, at SOA2 on Saturday. A bad start means nothing to the Honey Bader. He don't give a shit. He just keeps chasing until he's eatin' their goddman asses. That Nastyass Honey Badger. (Photo by Julie McGraw).

The weekend kicked off with the Stomach of Anger Race 2, in Lansing on Saturday. I have to say that the course was much smoother, faster - and best of all an absolute gas to ride and race on. Tom Burke gave everybody a preview of what was to come on the following day, at Bloomer Park, by pulling away from the big boys in the Elite Race and taking the win. Cupcake kicked some ass in the Elite Women's race, as well as Nancy Lange and Sarah McIntyre in the Women's Cat 4 race . It was also great to see Dan McGraw pull out that sweet cross bike of his and ride it in Anger in the big-bad-east. Congrats on two good races Dan. We also appreciate the great photography of Julie McGraw. If you haven't seen her photos all over that thing called Facebook, or visited here website, well we've grabbed a few shots here for your cross porn pleasure.

Dan McGraw coming around a turn at SOA2 in Lansing and looking pretty pro. Dan won the Men's Cat 4 Under 35 and came back from more abuse in the Men's Cat 3 later in the day. Well done Dan, good to see you rocking some 'cross! (Photo Julie McGraw)


 After a bad start (the first of two this week - word has it he did it just to spice up the videos) Adam McIntyre, aka Big Mac, or the Doctor, came all the way back and took third. You'll see in the video below that it wasn't easy, working through traffic. About halfway through the race he gets a discouraging hand when trying to make a pass. Congrats to Adam for doing a lot of chasing this weekend and getting onto the podium both days.

Now do the time, and watch the crime. (By the way this was USAC race and hands off the bars is a big no-no FYI. Shoulders and elbows, while the hands are attached to the bars, is A-OKAY!)

Did you watch this video above? It's another reminder that cameras are everywhere today and even if you try to pull some weak shit out in the middle of an abandoned golf course, in the middle of Michigan, there's probably going to be a camera there to catch the dirty deed. I also dug the music. Nice vid, Mac. And another great race!

Other notable and not so criminal sights at the SOA included Sarah McIntyre pulling off another great race after pulling on another one of her very fashionable jerseys. She said this one showed her own "Stomach of Anger!"

Sure she looks sweet and lovely. But on closer examination ....

...each one of those skull and cross-bones on her own "Stomach of Anger" marks another one of the victims she's left for dead out on a cross course. Sure that wasn't Sarah you were trying to passing, Mac?

In closing, a few last shots by Julie McGraw. I like this one because I don't look so fat. Where the hell were you Julie? In a tree?

Or in this one by Julie where I look like I'm actually going somewhere.

But then, in the end, and I mean a big end, there's this shot by Tim Potter. Hey does my ass look fat in this skinsuit? That's not a quiz question by the way.


  1. Yes, in fact I was in a tree for some of those pictures. :)

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