Saturday, November 26, 2011


I maybe be lazy today, but at least I'm warm in my new Stomach of Anger Hoodie! Man this thing awesome.

So I couldn't get a connection, or get up to the watch the World Cup this morning, which would have been awesome. Yeah I suck. Hopefully Big Mac can fill us in on the what happened and to who. To just pass time until tomorrow's race (I hope) maybe these will do. One of my favorite to start is WHO'S NUMBER ONE? with that Colt Dude from Cycling Dirt. Love the Dog, still undecided on Colt.

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Here's a little 'cross race, somewhere, also found on Cycling Dirt. It looks like a lot of fun, somewhere, that appears to be in a junk yard or an old dirt track race track (guess that's the Ricky Bobby reference). While it looks like a lot of fun I'm thinking I'd want to make sure my tetnus was up to date before I lined up.

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While I have may have missed the live feed of Koksijde this morning (pronounced Cock-Side, insert Beavis and Butthead uhuhuhuh, he said cock-side here), I can always go back and check out this video of last year's Women's World Cup, featuring the total ass-kicking stylings of America's Katie Compton. This year I understand that's she's joined by a host of other American Women that are slaying their way into the top ten, like our friend Amy Dombroski. This starts a little slow and has some pretty weird Euro Music (Like Major Tom as Katie launches through the sand!) but it's fun to watch. Enjoy and sit around guessing which tire is going to be the winner tomorrow in Holland.


Which tire will be the weapon of choice for tomorrow's race in HOLLAND?

It's gonna rain, snow and then thaw so  it's gonna be ...

MUD TIRES: Limus, Rhino, Michelin Mud 2.

It will be dry as a day at the beach, a little soft but never break the surface so I'll be riding ...

ALL ROUNDER: Griffo, Small Block 8, Hutchison, Flying Doctor, Fangos.

It's going to freeze and never thaw, or there was never any moisture in Holland in this year so it will be riding on green pavement. I'll be sitting on top with file treads running away from all the McFangs in the world ...

SPEED TIRE: Michelin Jet, Ritchie Speed, Grifo XS, 28 Road tires.

Answers must be in today for free beer! Enjoy your Saturday! I'm sure laying on the couch eating leftovers and drinking beer will have you ready to rock tomorrow. Me too ...


  1. Great battle today. Compton took a podium and Nys totally chopped Pouwels in the sprint... he must have been taking lessons from some Surly bastard

  2. BTW, usually full races are posted on youtube: cyclocrosschannel11

  3. Thanks Mac. Compton didn't win? She always wins koksijde.