Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Rockin' the Ithaca cap last night. Thanks Brian! We're already salivating over the return of the Ithaca Grand Prix in 2012. Also, thanks to the time change, it's lights on from the gun - which seems to be a little after 6'O, owing to crap traffic and lazy Bastards rolling in late. C'mon man, get there on time, willya?

Nice ride last night. Quite a few Bastards out on once again a lovely fall evening with mild temperatures and extremely fast and smooth riding conditions. Nothing really epic to relate about last night's ride other than we ran into Tom Boonen's sister and International Superstar and Big Time Past Premiere of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Here's a shot of him at having "a couple" at the Honey Creek last night. Yeah, Vlad, have another. I'm really glad he's got a good sense of humor, otherwise I'd be in for some of the KGB torture shit, for sure.

"Now no more making fun of The Vlad, you Crazy Bastard, or you'll end up on the cane chair with no seat in it, if you get my drift. Just ask Bond. Now get me another white wine, and stop crying you f*cking baby."

On the ride last night, Craig, Flying Bats, Matt Gravy, Ryan McFangs, Jazzy JZ Jeff Redline Bastard, Hawaii Five-Oh Chuck, Steve B, and a whole lot more that I'm sorry to say I can't remember right now. (Hey where's my Ginko?)

A thoughtful Matt Graves at the table, waiting for Godot, or maybe a drink or some Fried Carp. Not pictured across the table, Craig Flying Bats, and Vlad.

Better shot (but not much) of Tom Boonen's sister, Julie giving the dorks at my end of the table the cold shoulder. You can almost see Hawaii Five-Oh next to Julie.

Later in the evening I though Matt was looking a little tipsy. But no, it was me!

Unfortunately we did lose some people out there in the dark last night. Luckily we now have an Official Search and Rescue Crazy Bastard Dog for the ride. We send him out while we sit at the Honey Creek and eat and drink. Here he is getting ready to go.

Go fetch the lost Crazy Bastard's Zues! Fetch! Fetch! Rescue! Find! Ahhhhh, you're just like the rest of these guys.

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  1. Thanks JB - glad you caught that. We can't wait for the BIG GPOI to return. One of my favorite races of all time.

  2. Sweet. Bring the ENTIRE west side with you!

    I have a few surprises in store for 2012...plan on bringing your SS.