Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Out for a little test ride on the new mud-yummilicious rubber before they are put to the real test on Sunday. Could be muddy, or not. Well, we'll see this weekend. 

Speaking of Mud, anybody make it out last night for a ride? I think there were some empty roads out there, except for the odd soccer player or two.

They just love to get muddy.

If you don't, maybe you need one of these bad boys. I think it looks disgusting, like some giant fender condom, but if you want to escape the mud stripe, okay I guess. I'm thinking that this has to be some Redline Bastard invention. Let me know if I'm wrong.

  As for riding in the collective sense, I think we will definitely shoot for tomorrow, same time and location: Townsend, roll at 6. See you Bastards there. We'll go to the HC so you can recount your tales of horror and heroics from the ICEMAN.

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  1. Check out the The Michigan Scene (top of blog roll to the right) for the Glenn Danzig Power Ratings for the 45+. Flippin' hilarious - you bet they've got Jeff "Slayer" Haney up there. After all, it's Jeff's best bud Glenn, right?