Thursday, November 17, 2011


Do you remember this white shit on the ground? I think I saw some of it this morning. And who are these guys? Prizes (Beer) for the first one in the comment box that gets them right and in the correct L-R order. Games on NOW!


A few flakes flying around right now, it's nothing, really. Nothing like those softball sized things that hit us at the end of that mud ride last week. I predict a mild winter and no studded tires. But then what am I the weatherman? If you need to know the weather ask the weather lady. Tonight I think that I will probably be riding a bike with multiple gears unless the precipitation looks like its going to step up its game.  If there's an avalanche and we get over 6 feet of snow tonight those of you who have pre-purchsed your snow bikes can break the trail for the rest of us.

I guess you don't need a helmet when you're riding on powder. I just wonder how the water in that bottle is doing?


One of my favorite 'cross photos of all time, with (L-R)  Sarah McIntrye, Cupcake and Big Mac, Adam McIntyre.

It's back to Anger. The Stomach of Anger in Lansing this weekend where this shot was taken earlier this season when you could lounge around with bare legs and a Heckle Horn in hand with no gloves. Word is that the course is has been ridden in and some of the bumps that started my back on the road to crappville have been rolled out. Maybe some rain or wet snow might soften it up even more for this weekends cross festivities.  Hey, I've got the tires waiting for action. But maybe I should be careful about what I wish for.

Plan ahead. An embarrassing moment captured forever. I just can decide on a fram. Here I am inspecting the loose front wheel and rolled tubular on the run and thinking "glad I brought that f*king pit bike.


If you missed it the last time I slapped this baby up, take another look - it's a real well done 'cross video shot at this year's MAD ANTHONY. There's a lot of John Osgood in this and not because he's just so 'cross and rockin' with the yellow shoes and sweet facial hair stylings. It's because he paid these guys in beer. Anyway it's a terrific video and shows you a little bit of the SOA style, though I have to say those guys aren't quite as serious as this video makes them out to be. Just look at where Don Cameron is strapping on his helmet like he's "ready to get it on." Well he may have been, but when he "strapped it on" is questionable since he showed up to the starting grid after the race was already up the road - and still managed to claw his way back for the win. Anyway the SOA is something new for Michigan - it's not Tailwind and it's not KISSCROSS. It's a whole new 'cross scene and we're all the better for having these guys put the time and money into this series to make it happen. So check out the video, and then pack the truck and make the drive. Take an extra skinsuit and when the Lansing race is done you can keep heading East for Tailwind's race at Bloomer Park on Sunday.


I've been toying with the idea of doing a Single Speed race, and this weekend might be the time. But so far I have pulled the trigger.  I've got a nice SS, and with a little gear tweaking maybe I could do it. But then again, where would I put the damn thing in the Grandpa Van?

"Hey move over. Make some room for the simple guy with only one speed. Hahahahaa!"

Love riding it, can't bring myself to race it. Chicken! I'm just afraid if I do, knowing my personality, the worm will turn and I'll end up like this guy ...

Nice wheels. Nice hat. Nice toe straps. All you need now, dude is some skinny jeans and a personality.

Yeah I'm pretty sure if I start doing SS races I'll get all hooked on it and start wearing manprees and eating vegan and then end up in Portland (yes, season two of Portlandia is just around the corner!) where all the young people go to retire. Yeah I'd eventually look like an old idiot, hanging out on the corner, wearing a dirty yellow cycling cap and sit there looking back on a life of regret ... WTF that's what I'm doing now! Well back to the single speed story. Just checkout  this video out promoting the upcoming Single Speed World Championship which looks like it is in San Francisco, is just like Portland only with more building and people with real jobs. I'm not sure how this video promotes the event by showing people on cross bikes riding around the streets and parks of San Francisco on cross bikes (but then again I do that in Chicago and it's big fun) but then again I'm not so into SS yet that I know what's cool and what's not. You decide.

2011 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships from Hans Kellner on Vimeo.

Now for me this SS video below is more like it. First, it's an actually SS race on a cool-ass course. The only thing that I didn't like was watching the guy's heart rate reading like 190 while he was doing 3 miles and hour. Ouch. I guess the option of dropping some gears after a big effort and spinning out all the blood you just pumped up into your ticker ain't going to happen.

2011 BASP CX Race 2 - Single Speed A Men from Hans Kellner on Vimeo.

Grab your mittens and pull on your socks, charge up your batteries and grab your Baby Seal Clubs, it's time to ride ...


  1. Larry Z, Darryl and Darryl. I would rock the SS!

  2. Yes you would rock that SS most excellently McFangs, seeing how you were pulling away from me on Tuesday with the McFang-Bike. But sorry on the FREE BEER contest. You're close, well not that close, but keep on coming with the guesses. If nobody else even tries, you get the free beer.

  3. Bart Wellens
    Niels Albert
    Sven Nys

    Is it time to re-visit this relic again?

  4. Just about time. That video is crapplicious by the way.On the riders, good guess, close, but no free beer yet. You're one step closer though. Nobody comes up with the real thing you and Fangs get free ones.

  5. I have to find my light for tonight. Somehow it's gone missing since last week!

  6. Glow Stick, Steve-O, and the only bastard who travels more than Matt Lauer and Waldo combined, Kahuna.

    Guinness, thank you...


  7. Winner winner beer for dinner. Oh wait who are you anon? And you didnt say which one of the glow stick bros was pictured. How do we know you are really redline bastard?

  8. Rain check...I'm riding in tonight.

    RB Glow

  9. RB if you stopped in to the HC you could have received your award. As it is Werdy drank it. But there's still one for you ...