Friday, September 23, 2011

Tubular Gluing Party and Barrier Clinic Tonight

What a can of tubular glue looks like if you use it in a confined space without proper ventilation.

Planning on a little Tubular Gluing Party, and possibly a little barrier clinic tonight at the Bastard Headquarters starting at around 6-ish. I'll have a few beers in the fridge, some cross porn, and barriers if you feel like hopping around.

Let me know if you plan on coming. Bring those wheels - I've got some glue!

Also: If I get time I'll be putting up a report on the ride last night - the best part - the party at the HC afterward. We are such social butterflies, we bastards ...


  1. Surly,

    Fun ride last night, I'm glad you kept a lid on it. And best of all, no mechanicals.

    I wish I had some tires to glue, maybe someday..


  2. Thanks JZ - actually the Glue Party was more than a party than I expected. People came all dressed up and ready to party and I was wearing, like glue and chain snot. Yum. The beers were good and the new glue proved to be buzzitful.