Friday, September 2, 2011


You can keep your damn energy drinks, and chocolate milk recovery drinks, last night this is how I rolled. Did it make me feel better? You bet. Did it make me faster. Who the hell cares. (photo courtesy of Werdy.)

The last week of August, the first days of September which were hotter than the last days August. Whew. My legs are tired. Between the TT on Monday, the high rpm spinnouts of Single Speed Tuesday, the running and climbing of Runupwednesday, and being motor paced at near 30 mph by Slayer last night the poor spindly things are about to fall off. Wait, one of them just did.

The week started off harmlessly enough with a solo tour through the quiet and desolate back roads of Saginaw county.

The next day was the final Ada TT. Glad that's over. I'm not putting in a TT photo, or even humiliating photo of a Tri-Dork. Why? Because as Adam Myerson Tweeted to elegantly last week: It turned on the television to watch a bike race and all that was on was time trial. (Yawn).

The next significant event of the week, that I haven't had a chance to report on, was Single Speed Tuesday. Let me tell you this was favorite ride of the week and had me grinning from ear-to-ear like some kind of idiot. Plenty of SS on hand that night with a wacky little route that took us through the first, and most cyclocross friendly section of the Game Area.

Great to see Matt Graves (aka Matty Ice) out again, rockign his SS on the SST.

Ben Doctor (aka Doctor-Doctor) on his absolutely stunning Felt Breed SS. Beautiful bike and wicked rider. You could hate this guy but he's too nice.

He's nice, but you can hate him anyway. Kim Lee (aka Mr Kim Lee aka Bruce Lee) on his classic and beautiful Bianchi San Jose SS cyclocross bike.

Some of these people did not have single speeds, but that's okay. Here you can see Werdy, Tony and other ruffians on something I believe are called "mountain bikes," though I failed to see any mountains anywhere in the vicinity. They should have used them for that "Leadville Race of Death" and left them on top of mountain peak in Colorado.

Another great looking Bianchi SS San Jose. This number belongs to Jurrien Davison (aka Ethiopian). I love the looks of these bikes but was sad to see that they are apparently nowhere to be found on the Bianchi website. WTF!!!!! This is one of their best bikes ever and it's not there? Maybe it is and I just couldn't find it on their shitty website. Let me know if I'm wrong. If I'm not Kim and Jurrien have some sweet collector's items on their hands.

A break in the SST action. Somebody was changing a flat (and not on an SS) while we caught this action.  Here Kim Lee consorts with one of his many fans while the flat gets changed. The night was an adventure kids, let me tell you. We made this cow into hamburgers in the lot after the ride.

Road Closed? No way, we're coming through anyway bitches. The County (whatever county we were in at the time) tried the old "Bridge is Out" routine but we refused to pay attention. Maybe because the guys in the lead couldn't read. From here we took 4 mile west to the game area and the back to the lot for, well you know what ...

I brought some beers. Really good ones, too. Unfortunately that's not what Craig (aka Flying Bats) got. You can tell by the look on his face that he's enjoy this delicious brew.

The next day was Runupwednesday. This really tore my legs up. If you missed it, here's that great Big Mac video on more time:

Last night it was just another Crazy Bastard Ride, that had us turning a little under 30 miles on a hot night. It was pretty nice rolling, once you were rolling. Speaking of rolling let me see if I can remember everybody:

Slayer, Chris Davison, Werdy, Lee, Craig, Angry John (on a cross bike!), Scott Chapin, Marshall (welcome back Marshall, great to see you!) and couple of people I can't remember ... sorry, my brain's running low on juice right now ...

Last night Scott Chapin went totally Classic Cyclocross with his beautiful steel Kelly and full Kelly team kit to boot. Quite literally right down to his boots. Check out the socks checker-outers.

A man in green, ready to ride ...

A bike in green. This Kelly is still one sweet looking bike

Finally, from an old classic, to today's cover girl - no not Chris, you idiots - the bike. Here CD is showing off the latest Carbon Cyclocross to make the ride this year. This 2012 Ridley X-Fire is an absolutely gorgeous bike, and is the very latest in cyclocross design and every thing else that's cross. So who's next with a carbon 'crosser? If this shit keeps up we'll need a CARBON CROSS NIGHT RIDE.

Then again, no.

Have a good weekend, and holiday. See you on Tuesday - think we'll try the Single Speed Tuesday thing again - but remember you can ride anything you want to.


  1. Don't know how I could forget (yeah I do) but William Shaver (Bill) was out for his first Bastard ride last night. I'll keep them coming as soon as I wake up. Sorry guys.

  2. was that ridley rollin on tubbies? I now feel so much more inferior than I already did

  3. Faux tubbies. That clincha'. No need to feel inferior - you're headtube is much taller.

    Love that video dude. Everybody wants to know how you did the the vid with the integrated hr & speed.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. For anyone wondering. It is a freeware version of 'Dashware' by chasecam. Google cycling.jar. There is altitude, heading, HR, cadence, speed, miles, power. Anything your garmin will record you can get on the telemetry. It's exported as a TCX file.

    For windows users, i would check out dashware, way cleaner program... less buggy. If i make more of them, i will probably end up buying it and running parallels (to run windows) on my mac. Anyone got a copy of XP laying around haha

  5. "UMD", who has since been banned from 'bikeforums' makes some SWEET videos with dashware.

  6. Tandem riders enjoyed SS Tuesday and Thursday night's rumpus. See you next week!

  7. And job well done by the Tandem. You need a horn on that thing to let the knucklehead know to get out of the way when you turn that thing loose. Have a good holiday. See you on the flip side.