Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The Single Speed World Championship in Ireland. Strangely this looks a lot like Single Speed Tuesday last week.

Now back to the real world of Crazy Bastard Ride information.

Mmmm. Spinning may be just what the Cyclocross Chef of Knowledge has ordered for these cooler temps. Yeah, it's back and as goofy as last week - Single Speed Tuesday! Of course you can ride whatever you like, just be prepared for guys on cool SS cyclocross bikes (or any SS for that matter) trying to maintain their smugness while spinning like crazy trying to keep up with you f@#$kers on your nice geared bikes.

Guess who's waiting to work it up on an SS? Yes kids, stand back, Matt Graves has returned from the mountains where he conquered the terrifying Leadville 100 with his awesomness and is now training for this year's SSCXWC (Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship), no doubt. Here's Matt's new tattoo, just so he won't miss the date.

The SSCXWC is going to be in San Francisco this year. If you do go, and decide it would be fun to win, here's what podium looks like! (Below) You get a Golden Speedo for kicking everybody's ass! If you race the Mountain Bike Single Speed World Championship you get a tattoo! Lots better than that fucking buckle from Leadville, isn't it Matt?  Though I'm thinking the speedo on me might be a lot disgusting and I wouldn't want the tat, either. That would hurt. It's all yours Matt.

Two years ago this was the scene at the SSCXWC. This year's shit is even cooler. You can see Matt rocking this, can't you?

What size are you Matt? Okay, maybe George would look better in this one.

Here's a better look at what the SSCXWC is all about, if you're not sick of it already.

To keep up with the action tonight I'm rethinking my gearing for tonight, not to mention the World Chamnpionships. While this worked well in the past ...

I've revised it and it looks a lot like this now ...

Bring your SS, or whatever. We roll out of Townsend at 6. Don't think we'll need light tonight, but maybe a light jacket. After the ride we'll have a cool one in the lot, or maybe make it back to the HC and pretend that we've all just won the Irish WC with a couple of these (below) see you tonight!

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  1. No lights tonight. Did I say that or just dream it in my sleep? Well, I don't think we'll need lights, unless there's an eclipse of the sun or something. See you bastidos tonight. I'm working on finishing my Mousetrap SS right now. Maybe I will need lights afterall if this thing falls apart like it did yesterday ...