Sunday, September 4, 2011


Brandon Dwight - Offers his some of his insightful insights on cross in the Video Colorado Front Range Cyclocross: check it out in the link below. 

I've been out in the in 'cross hanger cleaning up crap, scrubbing gears, tuning bikes, running new cables, sorting chains, checking tires, and even riding a bike once-in-awhile. The season is literally around the corner and today it just sunk in that pretty soon there is going to be a chill in the air and a long sleeve skinsuit isn't going to seem so completely stupid and I'm going to be standing on the line, shivering wondering what the hell am I fucking doing here when the guy in the blue shirt says fifteen seconds turns his back on the pack and time will slide into that weird dimension that seems like it's going to last forever and then before you can believe its happening: BOOM! and it's on.

While looking for some info on how to set up my SS so it doesn't suck so much (I'm even getting hooked on this Single Speed Tuesday thing) I ran across this video that I saw for the first time months ago. It's a few pages back on the Mud and Cowbells site, which is one of my favorite cyclocross sites. If you're not a fan you should be. The video reminded me of why I got hooked on this weird little delinquent child of a sub-sport of a sub-sport. Brandon Dwight really describes it the way it is in this great video called Colorado Front Range Cyclocross from Celin Serbo, on Vimeo. I think all the new people I'm seeing this year, as well as the new promoters putting on races and clinics and 'cross rides this year, as well as those that have been doing 'cross for awhile, should watch the this video from beginning to end and understand what separates 'cross from the rest of the cycling disciplines. It's not that 'cross is better, or cooler or any of that. It's just different because of its - and while I hate to use the term attitude without definable and clear modifiers, you'll know what that attitude is by the time you're done watching this. Enjoy, and get ready, it's almost fifteen seconds.

I don't have permission (I didn't pay the $60 for Vimeo plus) so you'll have to go to the URL or just punch the link in the title above or go here:

Colorado Front Range Cyclocross from Celin Serbo on Vimeo.

Colorado Front Range Cyclocross from Celin Serbo on Vimeo.

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