Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Another successful Single Speed Tuesday last night. Here are only a few of the lucky winners, if by winners you mean guys who went for a ride and got exactly that - well maybe a free beer or two in the lot. Anyway, it was a good crowd with some new Speed Merchant/Wynalda riders, Craig R (Fbats) Werdy (Jeff F), Mr. Kim Lee (aka Dr. Lee), Jurrien (Ethiopian Bastard), Tom Scott, Scott Walburn, Big Mac and more ...

 While you maybe fooled into thinking that just because some (not all) are riding single speed that life is simplier - because no gears, or just fewer gears, think again, gear-headed bike monsters. As you can see above, a single speed needs all sorts of loving care, and in this case (Jurrien's bike) a sweet pink chain.

It also needs plenty of tuning, apparently, from this photo. This is Jurrien's personal mechanic's support vehicle, built into a giant trailer that travels around with him, keeping his bikes in perfect tune.

This is what Jurrien's support truck and trailer look like from the outside. Now if he can only find a pink seat to complete that sweet SS ride. Good luck, you lucky Ethiopian you!

As for my own ride, I stole it from SSCXWC winner Ms. Studley. Here it is being "sold" by the Redline guy you had a video on my plastic bike showing some incorrect cable routing. Thanks Redline guy! Love the cigarette voice, dude.

As for tonight, I will be out of town and will not be having any practice, so instead of Runupwednesday it's going to be Letdown Wednesday, instead. Sorry about that. I've heard there is some sort of cyclocross event going on, but I won't be able to make that either. Whether you practice, or partake in training races with cash prizes, I hope you're all careful - the season is right around the corner. Also around the corner, is the ANYTHING GOES THURSDAY ride tomorrow. You can provide reports, photos, videos, DNA and stool samples of whatever it is you decide to do with your night tonight.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. The Ithaca GP is back for 2012...

    Saturday, September 8