Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Single Speed Tuesday Report - Dude Where'd I Put My Bike?

Dude where did I leave my Single Speed? Maybe in Chicago? I left it locked up next to the Red Line - as in the Red Line Subway Line, not the bike brand.

Single Speed Tuesday was once again a thing of single speeding super-funess. My legs felt crap, but what better way to churn out the battery acid than one looooong spin on one lonely gear. While we were joined by a host of other riders sporting multiple gears (hey we don't don't hate on people just because of the number of gears their bike has, we have other criteria for that) there were a good number of single-speeders there to pay homage to the SS Tuesday tradition.

This rider has probably has rocked the most rides on an SS - yes it's our own cow loving friend Doctor Mr. Kim Lee. He was there last night, no flats, no problem. Now how about a warm cup of milk, Betsy?

Maybe I was wrong, maybe this guy has done the most rides on an SS since he rolled all last winter on his Super-Fly SS rig. Anyway, right up with the flyers last night, Matty Ice. Well done, Ice Ice Baby.

Here's Doctor Awesome on one gear - Doctor Ben Doctor. That's DBD to you, mister. Ben rolled at the back in steerage last night, though we know he could have ripped the legs off the front group and fed them to them like like deep fried smelts in a basket. Nice guy, thanks for the easy roll DBD.

Also joining us, just back from a Heckle Horn engagement in Chicago, the fun loving and dirt loving Cupcake. Yeah she's just getting warmed up for a season Heckle Horn Hilarity, kids.

Not seen, but equally loved, or not, Werdy (thanks for hauling me back) Lee, Dave H, some Speed Merchant guys that didn't bother to check in at the door, Killer Mike K ... and this guy:

Well, hope I didn't forget anybody. Anyway, here's a little video that I just picked up on the Double Cross from this past weekend. Hated to miss this, the course was great, and there's a great bunch to race with. The following weekend I'll be there for the Munson Night race. See you for anything goes Thursday ride. Still rolling at 6 - no lights or tie required. Yet.

2011 Michigan Double Cross Short from Hans Nyberg on Vimeo.

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