Thursday, September 1, 2011


Another great practice last night with a wicked little down-hill, crazy dismount, run-up, stairs, barriers, off-camber, bumps and a long piece of pavement. Thanks to Adam and Sarah McIntyre, and Jurrien D. for getting there early to set up. Also on hand, Fast Freddie, Cupcake, Nancy Lange, Kim Thomas and Fusion team mate, oops I can't remember his name right now, and Lee.

And now another super-crossunderful video by Adam McIntyre - how he makes these so fast I don't know. Thanks again Mac! Everybody is looking pretty good gunning up that hill, and up flying those stairs. Good practice, and nice relaxing Wine Down at the Red Ball Jet afterward. Yeah, we're reinvesting in the community.

New and Improved - this video just posted by Adam moments ago that shows the entire course, along with speed and heart rate.

Remember tonight we'll be rolling out of Townsend at 6. I don't believe we need light, but probably better beer than the stuff I brought Tuesday. More on that later.

Still have to put up a report on the Single Speed Tuesday, which was a big hit, but that won't drop until tomorrow. Anyway enjoy the video, and see you tonight. Beers on scene is my guess, so be prepared.


  1. I've got one more thing to add: Where in the hell are the Haney's? Is Slayer in secret training mode again? Hopefully we'll see them on tonight's ride.

  2. hope tonight's ride is good. I hope to be able to get out next thursday... New job with new hours R killin me.