Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesome Cyclocross Video Action and Anything Goes Thursday Ride

Just to keep your cross passion fueled until this weekend of racing (USGP Madison Wisconsin / Stomach of Anger Lansing) here are couple of videos to chew on. The first is from the recent Star Crossed race. It has my favorite title of all time: JOEY'S OK. While Joey may be "OK" in a sense that his head and extremities are still attached to the the big, meaty part of him, his dismount skillz are not quite there yet. I'd like to see his remount.

Back to Chicago one more time. Here's a video of the first lap of the 4Bs. As it has been said, that while the leader's amazing bike handling skillz, or lack of, are amazing to behold, the fact that it takes almost a minute for one of two Cat 4 races to pass by is really something that should be appreciated. There were two of these races, this one the most "fun" as you can see by those racers in tutus and flannel shirts, bringing up the year. Pick up your cow bell, you heckle horn and join in.

Tonight is Anything Goes Thursday, and I'm not quite sure what that means. Anyway, I'm not planning on riding hard tonight, but I'm sure that there will be some flyers up front testing each other like lab rats to see what kind of pace will make them whimper and cry or rollover and give up first.

Hey, I'm out front, I'm all alone, my tail has no light and I don't know how to get back to Townsend Park. Whaaaaaaa!

Should you crack under the strain of Anything Goes Thursday, we've hired a SAG wagon to pick you and your bike up. I think that's Jurrien's pinky in the the back.

Some team members will be riding our new team bike tonight, seen above in the boxes. These will cost our top riders $00000.00, because well, they're stolen.

Last night while participating in a race in which I didn't race (?) I was asked about my new whip, which wasn't clearly seen in earlier photos. Well here is a better shot. I' hope you're satisfied now.

 Hope to see you tonight. We won't need lights with sunset at around 7:40, though something blinky might be good to let the world know you're there. We roll at six, it should be a pleasant night for a ride - see you there.

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  1. Sure, Joey’s ok, he wasn’t impaled by a piece of re-rod sticking up in the course.

    S.B. thanks for the flashbacks, I’ll send you my psychotherapy statements.