Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Single Speed Tuesday - Are You Ready to Roll to Next Race?

"Get in that ASSSSS!" Chicago Cross Cup Racing at its finest -  well, maybe.

Big thanks again to our friends at Chicago Cross Cup for the great race this weekend. Jackson Park is always a blast, and if you ever get a chance to make on their series race, this is the one I recommend - maybe just because it's in the shadow of downtown - but maybe because the weather is so mild you can really enjoy the city and the "scene" more comfortably as a spectator and a tourist. Want to see more on this race check out yesterday's post below.

You don't need to ride on the sidewalk, or walk your bike in Chicago. Unlike Grand Rapids, Chicago is a truly bike friendly city, with real, respected bike lanes. I love riding downtown Chicago. I rode all over downtown - financial district, theater district, museums, even on Michigan avenue. Was never honked at once - or run off the road (bike lane).

Time to race - and pack all the shit that goes with cross racing - bikes, wheels, repair stand, power washer and wheels, wheels, wheels. With a number of out-of-town races coming up for the next few weeks (Lansing this coming weekend) there will be a lot of this going on.

 Packing for yourself is a mess too - lots of shoes, helmets, gloves - and of course a heckle horn.

Tonight is Single Speed Tuesday, in case you've forgotten in all the fun of the first week of cross racing. Let me know if you have any results from you race this weekend and we'll lob it up here so everybody can be amazed at how awesome - or sucky you are. See you Bastards tonight - remember you don't need a Single Speed to ride on Tuesday.


  1. No ride for me tonight... still sick. I will try to get out to the practice race tomorrow though. Hope to see some other bastards out there.


  2. Curt at FW, who also attended IB in Vegas is also sick. Something in the air. Or were you guys licking the chips, or what? Get well and get riding again soon.