Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 Yeah, this says it all about last night's ride.

Another Single Speed Tuesday in the books and what a great one that ride was. Nice even pace, no gaps, everybody just rolling along. Great riders with enough horsepower to tear the thing to pieces if they want to ...

Just three of the characters aboard for last night's ride Fast Freddy, Flying Bats, Cupcake and Matty Ice: not seen Are Bob H, Chuck, Mike K, Kim Lee, Matty Ice, Chris Vitton (mending from injuries) myself and I forget who else right now because of all the Guinessessesss.

While I don't have a photo of Jurrien on the ride last night - it was nice to see his rig pull up in the parking lot. You just know it's going to be party time on the gravel.




Was he lost? Injured? Had a mechanical? Or had he been KIMNAPPED by Meth Lab criminals?

So Jurrien and I are pedaling along on our SSss complimenting each other on how cool we both are when we look the group over (which was easy since it was altogether and not strung out over the countryside by Cat 6 style jumps) and at the same time we both say: WHERE THE FUCK IS KIM??????????????????

Horrified, we both drop off, but as we see the group start to melt away ahead of us, and seeing nothing behind us, we make a split decision, because I was farther back, I headed back to look for Mr. Kim Lee, while Jurrien chased back to the group (he's faster anyway) to tell them we LOST ONE.

So I pedal, pedal, pedal. And then I pedal, pedal, pedal some more. And some more. I keep following the route backwards for miles. Still no Kim Lee. Now the leaves are starting to change and people are putting up their Halloween decorations. Then Thanksgiving decorations. A mile later somebody is inflating Santa and Seven Dwarfs and I'm getting worried that he's been KIMNAPPED!

I get all the way back to where I last saw him (literally within feet) and there he is on the side of the road, blowing up tube number two, which is also flat.

To make matters worse he had to deal with one of these:

Kim's version had all sorts of extra crap, like tensioners and stuff so it made it that much harder to deal with. Also, he apparently paid no attention to my new rule of ...


Just say no to these things, will ya?

So he was trying to pump up a flat tire. Well, having taken heed of my own rule (I'm the only one I guess) I pulled out a handful of Co2s and we were on the road. Explored a few new roads and listened to Kim's amazing life and stories. I even believed a few of them, but not many. Kind of like my stories.

So it was back to the lot, where everybody was running around, gassing up the helicopter to find us, when we rolled in cracked some beers and chilllllled-the-fuck-out while telling them of our great adventures about fighting off pirates.

We the reconvened at a packed HC where we ran into practically everyone and anyone that owned some kind of a bicycle. Apparently they were riding the game area for the last time since it would seem that bulldozers are coming tomorrow to fill it in. Good luck on that one.

At the HC we met people like this:

And saw things like this ...

And talked about stuff like this ...

And of course this ...

And had a few more of these ...

... All while we plotted and planned our next few weeks of cyclocross racing and fun. Trying to decided about tonight; if anyone is interested in having a cross clinic let me know and I'll break out the plastic training barriers.

See you ... I need more aspirin now, thank you.

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