Friday, September 16, 2011


Like the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger the Crazy Nastyass Bastards don't care about much, either. The cold. The mud. The snow. Fuzzy stuffed animals. Small, whimpering children. Helpless animals. Other people's sensitive feelings. Nastyass Crazy Bastards don't care. Don't believe me? Well I don't care if you do or you don't.

Well it wasn't that cold last night, actually, so who cares about the Honey Badger? Nobody. I just wanted an excuse to run this video one more time. We had a good group last night, with plenty of adventure. Jeff Z, Dave H, Jurrien (Aka Etho-Bastard), Dan Dan DB, Scott Chambers, Marshall, and a couple of new friends that I  will be getting official ID's from later.


We had some further mechanical adventures as Jeff Z had a nearly unfixable flat and was forced to to hitch a ride almost all the way back to Townsend with these people.

Miraculously Jeff made it back to the lot for some post-ride beers. Actually, they were pretty nice folks that gave him a lift from the furthest reaches of the loop, to the half-way mark.


With the first week of intro-cross racing in non-cross weather, it looks like the season is beginning in earnest this week. Some of you will be in the backyard at the KISSCROSS Highland race, while others are headed to the TAILWIND Race at Waterford Raceway. Having raced the Waterford Racecourse just last week let me tell you that that course is absolutely awesome - Flyover included. It's also a two day race so you could race it Saturday, and make the KC race on Sunday for a sweet double. Some other racers are making the trek to Chicago for the first race of the Chicago Cross Cup season at Jackson Park. This Chicago Cross Cup race near downtown is always a rocking affair, and has already set a record for most preregs in the series 8 year history. This morning there were already 630 riders registered, and several of the races - the Cat 4 races (We call them C races) are both closed (there is an A & a B race) with 200 racers.

While we had some racing and cross practices last week, and I think I gave a brief report on that action, I just now got some visuals for the race that Kim Thomas did last weekened. It was a big race, with national and international riders. It was the real thing with plenty of flying mud and top riders. Here's a shot of Kim showing us how its done, and a slide-show-video featuring some of the other stars that were there.

Enjoy! And have a fun, fast and safe weekend of racing.

Kim, paddling through some thin Pennsylvania slop at Nittany Cross last week.

Here's what the rest of the race looked like. Let me know what you think of the Rapha team kits.

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  1. Thank you for organizing a great ride! This was my first but I am keeping Thursday's open for this ride in the future.