Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Single Speed Tuesday - Does she qualify?

Single Speed Tuesday has once again raised it's gnarly hipster head as it always does right after Monday is through with us. I'm looking forward to it, as I know many of you are - maybe. Anyway while it is okay to ride any kind of bike, regular gears or SS, the young lady above, from the Sartorialist, forwarded me this photo and asked it it was okay to join in our Single Speed Tuesday fun. Well, one look and I was horrified, as I'm sure you are up viewing this mess. While SS,  standard and even fixed gearing is okay I refuse to ride with somebody rocking one of those internal-hub geared bikes. Absolutely disgusting! It's not really any kind of bike at all in my book. What does she think this is? Florida? I'm sure you'll all agree with me and will be happy that I have banned her from the ride.

See you tonight. We roll at 6 - if you think you're going to be late, leave a note or call somebody that's riding and we'll wait a reasonable amount of time.


  1. Tell me, how many of you were scared that your name was going to be up there? See you tonight, Bastards.

  2. Travel plans have suddenly changed for tomorrow. I'm thinking of having a little clinic and practice on Wednesday in a nearby by park if anybody who wants to work on dismounts, mounts, bike carry, tire pressure, set-up and the like is intereted. A couple of people have asked about practicing barriers and I could use a little tune-up myself as a weekend of tough racing quickly approaches.