Thursday, October 28, 2010


High winds and tornados my ass - nothing it seems deters Crazy Bastards from riding, not even the Wicked Weather (Rhymes with Witch) of the West Michigan. Yeah she looks like this, only not as realistic.

A lot full of a lotta Bastards on Tuesday Night - you know, the night the world was coming to and end.

After all the warnings (I mean how did people actually exist without Storm Team 8 or Storm Chaser Team or The End of The World Team 8, and continually bad, I mean technologically advanced weather forecasting?) From listening to the news and weather and all the doomful prognostications I expected to be the only dumb, I mean Crazy Bastard, in the lot on Tuesday.

But no ... in fact it was damn neared packed. Even people that should have known better were there: Bob H, Mark Bissell, Craig Flying Bats, Casey, Kenzie, Matt, Tom, Jim Allen ... and then the usual bunch of Bastards that don't know much of anything except riding just because we're riding just because we're riding just because...

Our own Slayer preparing to get epic.

Jeff H (Slayer) and Magic George the "Swami" Swanzee, shown above are getting read to roll into the windy vortex of death that awaits down the road. It looked like a Bissell and Priority Health Hoe-Down. Or is that H0-DOWN? but plenty of teams were represented, as usual. We love the diversity, we do.

Big thanks to Jeff/Slayer for leading the ride all the way around the big loop, through rain and mud and downed trees, to get everybody back safely. By the way did anybody find Jim yet?

Here they are - headed into the storm. Screw the wind!

Alas, I was too pooped to participate in the whole ride, though it looked like great one - with epic ride potential. Even from the gun it was a nice pace, and everybody stuck together, and no one blew through any stop-signs - even with that sweet tailwind. Hopefully my legs will grow back (or something else) and I'll be able to turn the pedals on tonight's ride.

As the temps drop a little, and the rain comes, it looks like I may need to break out some warmer gear for tonight. But I'll have to check what she says first before I make any moves ...

Tonight's forecast: light followed by dark and me followed by my many fans and that weird guy back there ...

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