Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Is this a good neighborhood for raping, pillaging, beer drinking, and bike riding? If you answered yes to the last two you're there 'bro.

Ready to ride tonight? Looking for a good neighborhood? Think you're going to end up on the side of a milk carton? (Do they do that anymore? Don't you just go straight to cable news?) Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, start charging your lights and looking for one more layer of clothing. It's not going to be cold, but I doubt you'll be getting a suntan this evening.

Just in case, pack and extra clip, too.

If you're worried about pyscho-crazies in the woods tonight, don't. The only Crazies will be riding right next to you. It seems some of our Bastard Brethren have upped the game a little in the self-defense department owing to the creeps in the park, and are prepared for just about anything you could run into out there - from Killer Chihuahuas to
Serial Killers.

Lightweight, lots of carbon. Yeah he's a biker.

As you can see this set-up has got Crazy Bastard written all over it. I just hope the safety doesn't jar off over the potholes.

As an added bonus here are a few race photos and a video provided by Brian and Nancy. Featured in the both video and photos are our own Kim Thomas and Laura (aka Cupcake). These two must hold the record for cross races this year - especially Cupcake who's been to Cinci, Chicago, Detroit and who knows where else.

Kim Thomas enjoying the Cyclocross Festival. The best kind of Festival, isn't it?

My tip for the above photo (Kim are you listening?) is to throw your hands in the air like you won no matter where you placed - as long as you are alone and on the front of any pack - even if it finished 5 minutes off the lead. But maybe she did win - I know she had a top ten at least - well done Kim. But I'd love to believe she won this thing. And I could have if only she were celebrating, polishing her glasses or making a phone call. Wait, this is cyclocross, you don't do dumb-shit stuff like that.

Cupcake leads them across the line. Festival that, ladies.

Same for Cupcake above, though looks like she had to work right to the line. She also had a great result down in the Queen City.

I'm having difficulty with the video - ooops! Check back later after I've had my coffee, I'll see if I can get it running .... if not, take your complaints to the CB Complaint department located in the GRANDPAVAN at Townsend Park about 5:45.

Later, you Batards.

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  1. I carry my G26 in an Ankle Holster while riding. No way would I try the bottle cage method!