Thursday, October 7, 2010


Before I start droning on (the way I do about tubular tires) I'd like to apologize for not providing an update, or a proper cancellation of last night's practice. I was sequestered in an office for 9 hours straight, without food, water, sunlight, or more importantly internet access. I almost died! So sorry about that, I'll bring a sharp spoon with me next time and escape and let you know what's happening.

Nice looking road, but hey wait, where you all going?

Tonight's ride will roll at 6 our of Townsend. You'll probably need lights for the last 30 minutes or so, but if you don't have lights you can probably limp in with a "well lit friend." This doesn't apply to leaving the Honey Creek, however, at 11 with a "well lit friend," which happened on Tuesday.

A big and handsome crew getting ready to roll. Let's chat a little, okay?

Tuesday's ride was a big one, with a diverse bunch of skillz and training programs. Some were damn near professional, and some, like uh, me, we're draggin' it. While it didn't seem to stay together there were enough people to make decent groups so everybody rolled together - in one way or another.

New faces, like Matt, and the ladies posing a little before the roll out.

The Dave and Tom show. On wheels no less. These guys are fast. That's Tom Link with his back to you, Dave H, getting ready to run over me. Yeah, run over me, drop me and call me dead.

Tandem, man on man fun. Good thing BK Dave is so tall or you'd be able to see those horns.

More tandem. This is the romantic shot. Like it? I love it. I'm making glossy 8 X 10s and sticking them to the ceiling of the garage. Yeah I'm sticking them with tubular glue, wise-ass.

Here's another road-beauty shot. The road, the night, the group not stopping at the stop sign and riding away ... me getting my ass dropped. Uh-oh, how many more miles is it back to the lot and the Honey Creek.

Another Crazy Bastard Hecklemania quiz. Which heckle was not heard on Tuesday Night's ride.

a) Are you guys riding the same bike or are you just glad to see each other?

b) Do they know each other or are they married?

c) Hey you're an alcoholic, aren't you?

d) I wants all you bitches to pass your dollars up for a tip!

The answer:

d) This was overheard in Polish Hall on Pulaski Days last weekend.

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  1. Forgot to mention that it was nice to see our old friend, and Ride Master General, Jim Allen along for the ride. Hope you enjoyed it Jim! Also Bob Hughes was in the house - he was up the road so far we never saw him until we were drinking beer in the parking lot.