Friday, October 8, 2010

Colorburst - Dirt Road Ride

What time is the train leaving the station tomorrow?


  1. The group is leaving at 8:30. It should be a perfect day for the ride.

    Scott W

  2. Scotty's got it...8:30 roll time.

    If 35ish miles is more to your liking rather then all 62 then ride with us to Townsend and take the shorter route back. We won't talk bad about you if you cut it short. I promise ;-)

    S'posed to be a nice day. See ya there.


  3. I'm guessing we should be done with the 62 miles by 1:30ish. Plenty of time for those who want to get home and watch the MSU / UofM game at 3:30.

    This is year #3 of this ride. It's looking to be the biggest group we've had.